NEW & USED Equipment Saunas, Bemer Pro Cold Plunges RED LED THERAPY (San Diego)

condition: new
make / manufacturer: Bemer pro EVO mat Infrared Sauna
model name / number: Cold Plunge- massage chairs
size / dimensions: hyperbaric chamber - Pemf mats

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We are your go-to source for wellness and detox products.

We have deep discounts on juicers, cold plunges, infrared saunas, PEMF mats, hyperbaric chambers, oxygen concentrators, rebounders, and massage chairs, and more!

Take a look at our products below to see if anything catches your eye. Call us at 1-800-674-5455 for prices on new and used equipment.

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PEMF MATS - Call 1-800-674-5455 for our discounted PEMF MAT prices - inventory may change day to day
Bemer Evo - Bemer Pro - Bemer 3000 - Bemer Classic - Prices based on hours used

PLEASE READ ABOUT THE Class 2 Device Recall Bemer Classic Set, Bemer ProSet - WE WILL ONLY SELL OUR USED BEMER PROS FOR THOSE WHO ARE FULLY AWARE OF THE RECALL OF THE BEMER PRO PEMF MAT THAT WE ARE GETTING TONS OF RETURNS ON RIGHT NOW. If you want the Bemer Pro after you are aware of this we will be happy to sell you one of the used Bemer Pro returns.

Bemer Pro - $1800 and up - See PEMFReviewed.com
Centropix Kloud - New and used
HealthyLine - 60% off all returns
IMRS 2000 Prime Hybrid - Call for prices on new and used
Magnawave - Pulse Centers XL Pro
CellVital Homecare
QRS 101.5 returns - $1800 and up
QRS 101.s - NEW $2995 - Call for used prices and availability
Vasindux Sedona Pro Biobalance OMI pad
Call 1-800-674-5455 for our lowest prices on Pemf machines.
See PEMFReviewed.com for reviews.

Massage Chairs - OHCO Luraco Ador Brookstone Daiwa - FlexSteel Human Touch Inada Infinity JpMedics Kahuna KYOTA Ogawa Titan Sharper Image Synca Svago uKnead Ultra Comfort Dr. Fuji massage chair Infinity Inada OSAKI OS-PRO 4D DUOMAX

HUUM - Cliff and Hive heaters - Call for contractor prices on HUUM
• Clearlight (Jacuzzi Sauna)
• Vital - Sunlighten (used ONLY) - HealthSmart
• Therasauna Healthmate - Heavenly Heat - Therasage full spectrum Tent Sauna 360
• SaunaCore Therasage tent - Relax Portable Tent • Radiant health - HEALIX BLANKET
- 1Love Health Dome

Traditional Rock saunas and Heaters - Aleko Almost Heaven - Outdoor and barrel saunas - Dundalk Leisure Craft Thermory
Call 1-800-674-5455 for discount prices - see HOLISTICSAUNAS.COM

Cold Plunges - Renu Therapy - Bluecube - The cold plunge - Edge Theory Labs Tub - DreamPod - Kooru - Penguin
ECOPLUS WATER CHILLERS - Our NEW site is DiscountColdplunges.com
Visit my older site first at PLUNGEDEALER.HOMESTEAD.COM

LED LIGHT BEDS - Novathor (used) - Prism Light pod -Trifecta Bed - Lipo led beds - Spectra - Theralight 360
OvationULT Red Light Therapy Bed by Body Balance System
Trifecta Pro 450 Light Bed Neoscience - Solbasium - Mito red light
See our site RedLightBeds.homestead.com

Organic Unpasteurized raw California Almonds - $5 per pound

HYPERBARIC CHAMBERS - New and used - HBOT Therapy - Airvida
Oxynova, OXYHELP, Summit to Sea NEWTOWNE - 10L New Life Intensity oxygen concentrators
FreeTheChamber.homestead.com and HYPERBARICHEALTHCOACH.homestead.com
Call 1-800-674-5455 for HBOT PRICES -

HOCATT - Refire is the latest competitor to HOCATT. CALL FOR USED HOCATT AND REFIRE pricing

Richway Amethyst Biomat - Professional, Mini, Queen and King sizes - Cheapest prices on NEW Biomat
Biomat.homestead.com is our site

A MAJOR DIFFERNCE IONIC FOOT SPA - IONCLEANSE solo and premier - detoxfootbathreview.homestead.com

Mini Trampolines - REBOUNDERS - HealthyTrampolines.homestead.com
We carry USED Bellicon returns • Needak• Cellerciser • Reboundair • Lymphaciser • Jumpsport • Health Circulator trampoline

Eiderdown Pillows - Eider Down Duvets from Iceland - We have reviewed Cuddledown, Plumeria Bay, Iceland Down, Duxiana, Frette, Fine Linens.

Golden - Purple Irish moss - We have dry, super dry, and gel - Call for a free sample before buying!
Wholesale to businesses - raw food co-ops - raw food chefs

LIPO Lasers and LIPO LEDS - Strawberry Laser, Zerona Laser, Contour Light, Trifecta Light and Lipomelt Lyma

• Celluma Pro - we carry returned Celluma Pro’s from aestheticians - we no longer promote Celluma
• Lightstim - Elipsa - Lightwave - used only • Omnilux - ApolloARC
Silhouette Tone LG4 Galileo Soli-Lite Solilite system
LedReviewed.homestead.com - see our website

Vibration plate machines - See Lymphaticvibration.homestead.com - Zaaz 20k Hypervibe g17 Powerplate Vibeplate TZone POWERPLATE WBV VBX wellness Crazyfit

Hot tubs - Jacuzzi Master Spa Arctic Spas Bullfrog QCA Sundance Hot Springs Our site HolisticHotTubs.homestead.com

JUICERS - Super Angel - NAMA - Sugarcane Juicers • Greenstar • Pure Juicer • Norwalk

AIR PURIFIERS - SEE compare-air-purifiers.homestead.com
IQ Air AirPura - Rabbit Air • Austin Air • Aller Air • Airport • Amaircare • BlueAir

Compression Machines - Normatec - Recovery Pump - Gameready - Revita Pump - Elevated Legs - Lymphapress - NICE1
SEE Compression.homestead.com

Float tanks (wet - dry) ROHO dry floatation mattresses
We promote Royal Spa, Superior Float tanks, I-Sopo - Wave float spas
Floatspasreviewed.homestead.com is our site

• Airsep New Life Intensity 10 - For hyperbaric chambers - EWOT bags
Ewot.homestead.com is our site

Drive DeVilbiss 10 Liter Oxygen Concentrator 1025DS
1-800-674-5455 see OxygenConcentratorsReviewed.homestead.com

Cryosaunas - Juka Cryosauna, Cryomed, CryoArtic, Cryo Innovations, Impact Cryo, Titan, Cryosense

AO Scan Mobile Phone Tablet - Zyto scanners - Digital Body Analyzer SEFI Innergy

CBD OIL - CBDOIL.homestead.com - Wholesale to practitioners

Essential Oils - Young Living doTerra. See Myessentialoilreview.homestead.com.

Halo Therapy - salt rooms - halo generators - SaltProX pop up salt booths - HaloGenerator Infinity
Chi Machines - Sun Ancon
SuperHuman Protocol - Biohacking - Vielight Neuro - Zontec ozone generator
Cryo T Elephant - Metrum -Cryoskin 4S

Tahitian Vanilla Beans from Tahiti NOT PNG - Free samples for anyone that wants to try samples
Decompression Tables Chattanooga - traction tables - Chiropractic tables - Manumed Comfort - Armedica, KDT and COX
Lifewave x39 - x49 patches - DUALIGHT UVA/UVB Phototherapy
Water distillers - purifiers - Waterwise distiller - Mini Classic 2 - Duet Vitalizer
Waveguard Qi Home, Max Shield. Emf protection - Hydro-Qube QB5

Waring, Vitamix - Blendtec blenders Containers

Sedona Excalibur dehydrator New used dehydrators
Elina Pilates Equipment

H2 Pro 600 Molecular Hydrogen Generator water machines - PowerBlock

Pearl M+ and HyperT Pro -VACUACTIVUS InfraCouch - huge discounts on all VACUACTIVUS products
Lojer Manuthera 242 Treatment Table

Food dehydrators - Excalibur - Tribest dehydrator brands - mention living foods for discount


Whole house water filtration systems

Call 1-800-674-5455. Ask for Alan or Jake. We ALWAYS ANSWER OUR PHONES.
EVEN ON WEEKENDS AND LATE NIGHTS till 11PM. Call now if you would like to talk to us. We offer extra discounts to contractors and practitioners.

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