Wanted; meteorites!! - $1,000 (Escondido)


So you have this rock, and you think it just might be a meteorite! Good, can I buy it?

But first what makes you so sure it's from space and Not a terrestrial rock from Earth? Many rocks are; over 99.9999% percent of all rocks are from here-not there.

So it's onto testing!

Visual test: what does it look like physically? Does it have a fusion crust? A paper thin layer that is dark rusty brown or black? Is it lighter in the inside?

Magnetic test: is it strongly or mildly magnetic with a neodymium style magnet?

Chodrule test: are many separate rounded grains like small or medium circles and ovals in it?

Quartz test: are there bands of Quartz or Quartz veining? If so, you probably have a meteorwrong.

Vug test: are there many porous surface marks on or in the rock? If so, you have an igneus ( volcanic) rock with gas bubɓles in it.

Specific gravity test: is it heavy for the size; heavier than most rocks of the same size? That good!

Location test: where was it found? Certain places are more favorable than others ) desserts, sand dunes, dry lakes, polar ice caps are much better than wet places like the beach.

Nickle/ Iron % test: does your rock have iron or nickle metals in it?

Calcium Alluminum inclusion (CAi) test: does your rock have zones of little layers that have Calcium mixed with Alluminum in them? This is good!

Flow banding/orientation test: does your rock have melted lines which look like they flow around the edges? Thus is good!

Thumb impression test: does your rock have what's called reglmaglypts or tiny thumb like depressions that were formed by the air coming past it?

Triple Juction test: does your rock have patterns like a triangular patch work quilt often called 'tripple junctions'?

If your rock can pass most or all these tests then yes! You just may have something worth something.

Either way, I am interested in assisting you and when (if) it IS a meteorite, let me buy it??

Serious rock collector here, in / around the Escondido area. I all types of rocks for Deco rock, pots, yard rocks and specimens too. Buy/Sell/Trade rocks and Meteorites!

Serious only, no codes, no Drama, texts and calls best, email too although that is S L O W E S T!

WHAT TO DO: TAKe a picture of your rock in bright sunlight.
Put something like your hand or a quarter there for scale. (A dice works)
Make sure that the picture is focused and crop any thing not necessary.
Send me a text of your rock.

If you find something, hit me up.


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