Business English - speaking, writing, presentations (Del Mar)

If your English for work or school sounds boring, is filled with jargon, or reads like manufactured content, you’re doing it wrong. Writing or speaking is an opportunity to show off your skills and wow your audience with spectacular, clear, and precise prose. If you’re not there yet, we can help!

Whether you’re an English learner or a native speaker, we’ll improve your English to take it up a level. First, we get the basics right: grammar, spelling, vocabulary, and punctuation. We also work on sentence construction, word choice, internal logic, and correct parallel forms. Finally, we elevate your language to engage your listeners or readers through storytelling, words that move, and a narrative arc to create a memorable and exceptional experience.

CLARITY: This program will teach you to construct simple, beautiful prose to say exactly what you mean. PERSUASION: Good spoken and written material will make your point convincingly and powerfully.
ENTHRALL: Good communication is moving and entertaining, full of drama, with a human touch.

For verbal skills: you will see improvements in confidence, verbal skills, fluency, vocabulary, and influence. Don't wait to improve how you come across to other people, in meetings, networking events, or other professional activities! It can make a big difference.

For writing skills: you will see improvements in confidence, sentence construction, clarity, expressiveness, grammar, storytelling, word usage, and vocabulary. Training includes explanations, exercises, samples, and feedback on your writing.

Services include one-on-one customized individual lessons and help with speeches, presentations, letters, and other documents, like applications and essays.

A program from Discreet Guide® Training: The key instructor, Jennifer Crittenden, has a B.A. in Linguistics and French, an MBA in Finance, and a CELTA certification to teach English as a second language. She also has over twenty years of corporate experience, working for pharmaceutical and biotech companies in the US and abroad, rising from financial analyst to CFO. She is the owner of the Discreet Guide, a professional development training company. She has written and published five books, several of which have won awards. She also works as an editor and owns a publishing company.

We work from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. every day. Sessions last 60 minutes and cost $50.

Our clients come from Qualcomm, Intuit, Teradata, Uber, Kroger, Dow Chemical, and lots of biotechs and engineering companies. We love working with technical people, financial professionals, STEM types, lawyers, real estate agents, student, doctors, as well as new CEOs. We are also honored to help moms who are looking to return to the workplace, as well as people applying to graduate programs.

Testimonials (see more on Yelp or our Discreet Guide® training website):

"I am very inexperienced at speaking in front of people and was dreading giving my “father of the bride toast” for my daughter’s wedding. I contacted Jennifer to help me, and she gave me some great advice along with helping fine tune what I was going to say. She gave me many tips on speaking effectively in front of people and gave me valuable feedback while critiquing my practice speeches. I ended up pulling off my toast so well that I had comments from the wedding guests all night long about how much they loved it. Jennifer was a big part of that!" Miles L

"I learned so much from her course. Increasing my vocabulary, understanding voice tonality, resonance, and projecting to an audience. This has given me a great starting point to boost my confidence in speaking to other professionals in my industry. I highly recommend her." J. McCarty

Jennifer Crittenden (a.k.a. The Discreet Guide) is a phenomenal tutor and mentor! After pouring my heart into my graduate personal statement, I found that my heart’s grammar needed polishing. Luckily, I found the Discreet Guide on Craigslist. Jennifer skillfully edited my paper, and she provided expert feedback on shaping the statement narrative. This was not just a one-and-done transaction, but rather, we worked together a few times to ensure the statement was well structured and professional. After the initial collaboration, I realized I could benefit from additional tutoring from Jennifer. I booked ten one-hour sessions. Jennifer’s thorough curriculum covered topics from proper usage of commas to the correct use of parallel construction, which improved my writing tenfold. The best part is that each session was informative and fun! Jennifer’s style is clever and witty. I highly recommend Jennifer to anyone looking to improve their writing. ~Elaine R.

I've been taking virtual classes with Jennifer for almost 6 months now and couldn't be happier! She is patient, engaging and knowledgeable. Jennifer can structure the program depending on what your individual needs are. Whether you need to soften your accent, learn public speaking, work on business English or just take your English skills to the next level,- she can help you with all of that. Our classes include accent reduction and grammar exercises, interesting articles, new vocabulary, different topics for discussion and many more. And, an extra bonus! Jennifer is a career coach and a successful writer too! She can be very helpful for business professionals who aspire to move up their organization, want to learn how to enhance professional presence and learn how to present themselves. She incorporates these elements in our curriculum as well. Jennifer is not only a seasoned teacher and coach with extensive corporate world experience but also a kind, fun and genuine human being. I'm so glad I found her! ~Elina T.

"I worked with Jennifer for a span of four months in her program Your American Voice. I can attest that I benefited considerably from her coaching, dedication, and encouragement. Jennifer devised a program specifically tailored to my needs, which were to find a way to improve the way I present myself as a financial professional. Through practice and other creative approaches, such as adopting the speaking styles of some well-known individuals, I was able to identify the issues associated with my speech and alleviate them. In our sessions, Jennifer was patient and made me feel comfortable to not be afraid of making mistakes and correcting them. Jennifer was always prepared and open to new ways of helping me with my business speech. I would recommend Jennifer to anyone who is looking for a way to improve his or her executive presence in business settings, and find a speaking style that would be in line with his or her personality."
~ The Program's First Graduate

I sent one of my clients to Jennifer to help with some speech issues that were impeding his job search and after four months was frankly blown away by his transformation. He spoke with such confidence, and his articulation and fluency were much improved. I was astounded with the positive change that I observed, and how she literally changed his life."
~ Janet Andrews, CEO, A Career Above / Executive Career Coach

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