Water heater replacement $350 licensed plumber (Escondido)

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Price is for labor installation of typical 20-50 gallon gas and electric water heater. Terms and conditions apply. Call 619-343-4639 us plumbing lic # 1077488 we take all forms of payments checks cash zelle and credit cards.Step 1: Purchase and Prepare Your Water Heater:

Purchase the water heater of your choice along with new supply lines.
Ensure the water heater and supply lines are available at the installation location.
Step 2: Optional Delivery Service:

If you're unable to pick up the water heater yourself, we offer delivery for an additional $100 charge.
Please inform us if delivery is needed during scheduling.
Step 3: Optional Additional Charges:

A new ball valve may be required for installation. This incurs an additional $65 charge, if needed.
If you'd like an expansion tank installed, there will be an additional charge of $125. Please inform us if you'd like to include this.
Step 4: Contact Us to Schedule Installation:

Contact our installation team to schedule an appointment for installation.
Mention any additional services or charges you'd like to include.
Step 5: Prepare for Installation:

Clear the area where the water heater will be installed.
Ensure there's adequate space and accessibility for our installation team.
Step 6: Confirmation of Delivery (If Applicable):

If delivery was requested, confirm the delivery date and time with our team.
Step 7: Present the Offer and Discuss Additional Charges:

On the day of installation, present the offer or mention the promotion to our installers.
Discuss any additional charges for a new ball valve or expansion tank, if applicable.
Step 8: Installation Process:

Our team will proceed with the installation of the water heater, ensuring all necessary components are properly installed.
Step 9: Review and Payment:

After installation, review the work to ensure it meets your satisfaction.
If any additional charges apply, settle the payment accordingly.
Step 10: Enjoy Your New Water Heater:

Once installation is complete and payment is settled, enjoy the benefits of your new water heater!
If you have any questions or concerns after installation, don't hesitate to contact us for support.
Following these steps will ensure a smooth process for redeeming the offer and getting your water heater installed with any additional services you may require. If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to our team.

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