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Learn A-Z about photography in full 2 or 3 day class with Michael Seewald (San Diego)
If you have any questions about our workshops, please go to our website and fill out the 'guestbook', include your question at the bottom of the form. Thanks, Valerie Seewald

"Oh my goodness! I knew I had a lot to learn but I never imagined I could learn so much in just two days! I took away so much knowledge and hands on experience from this workshop. I was somewhat nervous about my beginning skill-level but Michael's ability to teach while exercising his natural tendency to turn everything into a joke was great!! I was at ease in no time. It was a true honor to be taught by someone with Michael's talent and experience. It is obvious that he truly enjoys sharing his God-given talent with others."

Becky Smith, San Diego, Class of 11-'06
(also took Seewald's "How to shoot Portraits for fun or profit").

to the exciting world of
Michael Seewald's
Photographic Art Classes
AKA - 'Fun-shops'
San Diego, Carmel, Napa and Yosemite

Excerpts from beginning photographer Robert Brooks Jr. of San Diego,
California from his 7.29-30.'06 weekend class critique:

Day_one_too_tough_for_you? Not at all, I very much enjoyed the descriptions of 2D versus 3D and the theory of how light affects your photos. I found it very easy to follow and I was bit nervous being so new to the art that I was really dreading showing anyone my photos... Mr. Seewald had me comfortable from the first minute.

How_tough_was_critique_day_one: 7 A little tough on me.
how_respectful: 10 - Very respectful
day_TWO_critique_how_respectful: 10 - Very respectful
personal_attention_day1: 10 - Very satisfied- handled all my questions
personal_attention_day2: 10 - Very satisfied- handled all my questions
length_of_class_day1: Just right
length_of_class_day2: Just right
How_helpful_was_class: 10 - Very helpful
How_satisfied: 10 - Very satisfied
value_for_the_money: Quite a bit more

Note: We must admit, Bobby gave us fairly high marks here, but guess what, it's about the average, and he was not the highest rater either! Some very serious photographers have claimed the class to be well worthÃÆ'Æ'¢ÃÆ'¢â€Ã. . .¡Ã‚¬ÃÆ'. . .¡ over $1,500!

Michael does not have time to enter many competitions but when he does he often wins. Here, he takes 'First Place Color' and then 'Best of Show' at the International Photo Competition at the San Diego County Fair, 1996. That's top honors from over 3,300 worldwide entries with his Canal Reflections, Venice, Italy. So what are your odds? That's right, one in every 3,300 years, BUT Michael did win. And since he only enters every four or five years, what are the real odds for you to win if you to only entered as often as him? Right, about once in every 15,000 years!!! NOT TOO GOOD HUH?


So extremely educational, yet students say they are too
fun to be called 'work'shops, so we call them 'fun-shops'!

These classes are run by someone with knowledge gleaned from:
1.Childhood painting classes;
2.A collegiate photographic degree;
3.Workshops taken from other masters;
4.30 years of hands on practice making a living at his art;
including over 55 solo worldwide photographic trips.
5.Entering and winning dozens of national and international competitions including 'Best of Show' or 'Jurors' Choice' in many of them;
6.Instructing HUNDREDS OF STUDENTS in photo workshops, and fine tuning his instruction by being critiqued by them, SINCE 1985, in locations all over the world.

This has honed his skills in such a way as to help him garner the multitude of endearing and uplifting testimonials.

Dear Photographer,
How many times have you seen an image worth taking only to get your prints back from the lab, (or most likely nowadays looked on your monitor back home, and wondered "What was I trying to capture here? Was it those tiny trees on the far horizon that I can barely see now? And what are these two bright orange blobs on the lakes edge that look like - oh, yeah they are - big trash cans!!?"
"And what are these strange, out of focus lines in the foreground - oh - it's a fence. Oh yeah, now I remember. I was trying to get those tiny clouds reflecting in the lagoon by that boat. There they are in that little area in the middle part. Boy, how beautiful and dramatic they looked; how disappointing now though- what happened?"

Sound familiar? Even the auto-focus, auto-exposure cameras are not 'auto-composing', that's your job. And that is something that you can and must learn to get better.


"I'm re-infused with excitement about my existing work....I feel I received more than my moneys worth!"
Chris Barley, Advanced photographer,
Cardiff by the Sea, California


Well, there is GOOD NEWS. Master photographer Michael Seewald is willing to share his techniques, and reveal all of the 'secret formulas' that have won him dozens of national and international competitions, including 'Best of Shows' at:

* The 'International Photographic Competition',
San Diego Fair (besting 3,500 entries);

* The San Diego Museum of Photographic Art
(besting over 700 world-wide entries with his sold entry,
the only time he's ever entered);

* San Dieguito Art Guild
(local competition, winning dozens of times);

* San Diego Art Institute
(both national and international divisions).

Michael does not have time to enter many competitions but when he does he often wins.

More astonishingly, hundreds of Seewald's collectors consider his eye so extraordinary that they have purchased, sight unseen, over $250,000 of his art in the past decade! He now receives an average of $2,500 per photograph, sight unseen, a year in advance of the patron even seeing what they have purchased! Many of them have now sponsored 8 or more times, showing great happiness with his art and program! Some of his older, and thus more limited edition images, are running well over $10,000 apiece.


"...Given the in-depth portfolio review we had over the weekend, (and in comparison to other workshops I've attended) I believe that your price could have been $1,750... "

Take care,

Dorothy Gantenbein, advanced photographer,
Fremont, California - Weekend Class of 4.16.'05


Michael's weekend compositional workshops (fun-shops) are held in North San Diego County, in Southern California, and now he offers them up in Carmel and Napa, with some that run a whole week. Europe and China are also destinations you can learn with Michael at now too. He leads you step by step through the critical thinking process necessary to make, not take, a photograph or painting worth looking at, not just for a second or two, but for many seconds, captivating your audience with well thought out images. He'll give you the 'map' you have been missing to make you 'art'.


"...The sign of a true master is that he makes the path very simple. When the student is struggling he knows exactly when to let them struggle (only to discover something on their own) and when to intervene (and show them something new that they have not noticed). Michael is a true master of the art in this sense. He knows how far to push people to think on their own and when to provide that masterly intervention.

The fun-shop was a ton of fun. Michael's sense of humor kept the learning "light"! He gave us all the tools in his repertoire and blessed us to begin our own journey into this wonderful world!"

Vivek Gulati, San Diego, California.
Beginner- Class of 1.6-7.'07

For more info on dates and prices visit our website...

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