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Inventions, Patent Drawings, Product, Industrial & Mechanical Design (El Cajon)

I'm an experienced industrial & mechanical designer. I have been designing products since 2007, for a variety of industries and manufacturing processes, using SolidWorks as the main CAD application. I have also worked for a variety of companies and positions related to product design and manufacturing. My goal has always been to expand my knowledge about manufacturing processes, so that I could be a better product designer, and a more valuable partner to my clients.


Product design, industrial design, mechanical design, invention design, patent drawings, design for manufacturing, CAD drafting, conceptual design, product animation.

Consumer Products, Electronics, Industrial (factory equipment, manufacturing equipment, processing equipment, farming equipment), Medical, Automotive.

Design Skills:
Product Design, Concept Design, Industrial Design, Mechanical Design, Design for Manufacturing: Injection Molding, Sheet Metal, Machining, Casting, Surfacing, Large Assemblies (10000+ components), Manufacturing drawings (BOM, exploded views, section views, tables, balloons, assemblies and assembly instructions).

SolidWorks for CAD & design, 3ds Max for product animations, KeyShot for photorealistic renderings.

Work & Experience:
Bright Inc., Sunnyvale, CA
Industrial & Mechanical Designer | Product Designer | President 2019 - Present
I formed Bright Inc. on February 2019, after having owned another product design company, EB Product Design, for over eight years. I took this decision after realizing that the new business structure would be a better fit for my business.
Over ten years experience in product design, industrial design, and mechanical design, using SolidWorks. Other CAD applications include Creo (Pro-E), NX (Unigraphics), and Alias.
• Additional applications include KeyShot for photorealistic product renderings, DriveWorks for design automation, design to order, and configure to order, and 3ds Max for creating product animations that fully demonstrate the use of a product.
• Created products for industries such as medical, industrial, electronics, consumer, and automotive.
• Designed products made of materials such as plastic (injection molding, rotational-molding), sheet metal (bending, drawing, stamping), cast (die casting, sand casting), or machined metal (CNC milling & turning).
• Created complex parts that require surfacing, and assemblies with over 10,000 parts.
• Applied best manufacturing practices, such as for injection molding, when the following have to be taken into account: draft angle, wall thickness uniformity, structure, rigidity, ribs, preventing part warping.
• Implemented top-down design methodology and product design automation. Designed the product in a way that lets users quickly change the specifications of a product model, from an Excel spreadsheet.
• Created manufacturing drawings for parts that include bill of material, exploded views, section views, tables, balloons, notes with variable dimensions, specifications that change with the configuration, assemblies and assembly instructions.
• Worked with established companies (Bayer, NASA, Apple, invited to join Google’s robotics division), startups that will disrupt entire industries (GIS mapping, automation, robotics), and entrepreneurs.
• Designed products from concept all the way to manufacturingand the market. Have had products I designed sold on platforms such as Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Walmart, and TV.
• Took on the role of project manager, multiple times, throughout the design process. Successfully sourced manufacturers, and have created relationships with them.
• Created packaging, such as box or clamshell packaging, using materials such as plastic or corrugated cardboard.

Software Motor Company, Sunnyvale, CA
Senior Product Design Engineer 2018 - 2019
I started working for Software Motor Company as a contractor, back in 2015. On July of 2018, I joined the company as a full-time employee, and in January of 2019, I made the decision to transition back to working as a contractor, which I did, until March of 2019.
• Designed and worked on new and existing electric motors (1 - 20 horsepower), inverters, and controllers.
• Designed parts using the following manufacturing processes: injection molding, sheet metal forming & drawing, sand casting, and CNC machining (milling & turning).
• Created fully detailed drawings for part manufacturing and part assembly, which included bill of material, exploded views, section views, tables, balloons, assemblies and assembly instructions.
• Designed and detailed parts that would be stamped at incredibly tight tolerances, such as 0.03mm.

EB Product Design, Sunnyvale, CA
Industrial & Mechanical Designer | Product Designer | Owner
2010 - 2013 (Part time), 2013 - 2018 (Full time)
I started offering my product design services back in 2010, in Sacramento, after having worked in the manufacturing industry for three years. The demand of my services was not so great in that area, so I was unable to scale my workload to full time, until I moved to the Bay Area. Moving here has allowed me to work with many start-ups, on products for a variety of industries.
• (See the list under Bright Inc., above)

West Valley Precision, San Jose, CA
CNC Machinist, Assembly & Inspection Technician 2013 - 2014
West Valley Precision is a full-service machine shop that has been in business since 1987. I joined them because I wanted to not only know how to design parts for machining, but also to improve my machining skills.
• Machined parts using a CNC Lathe, a CNC Mill (3-axes), and a water jet machine.
• Worked with a variety of materials and alloys, such as aluminum 6061-T6, 7075, steel, and copper.
• Worked in different areas of the shop, such as machining, assembly, inspection.

DVK Integrated Services, San Jose, CA
PCB Design Sales Representative 2012 - 2013
DVK is a design and engineering firm that has been in business for over 30 years. At this point, I have designed PCBs, but not at a professional level. I wanted to further my PCB designing experience, so I reached out to DVK. They needed a sales rep, and I saw that as an opportunity to join them. Unfortunately, after some time, it became clear that my position would be limited to sales, so I left.
• Employed different sales techniques, such as cold calling, door-to-door, email marketing, in order to attract clients. Most of my involvement was with start-ups.

EB Manufacturing, Sacramento, CA
Anodizing Services | Owner 2011 - 2012
This was my attempt at starting a manufacturing business. I was using another anodizing company’s facility. The business wasn’t sustainable, and eventually, I had to close it.
• Used Type II anodizing for both functionality (increasing surface durability), and aesthetics.
• Specialized in anodized labels and objects with intricate masking, but also did plain anodizing.
• Invented a method for anodizing fully detailed graphics, such as photographs.

R Squared Circuits, Folsom, CA
PCB Manufacturer 2010 - 2011
R Squared Circuits was a PCB manufacturer in the Sacramento area, that was around since the 1970’s. The company had to eventually discontinue their operations after it was found that they violated multiple hazardous waste laws.
• Used a plotter to print and position the artwork, using a registration system.
• Exposed, developed, striped the photoresist, applied solder mask and silkscreen, and cut the PCBs to specific sizes and designs using a CNC router.
• Laminated the PCB panels using dry film photoresist, and then screen printed them.

BM & C Construction, Inc., Sacramento, CA
Industrial Designer | Product Designer 2007 - 2010
Manufacturer of architectural elements. It is by working here that I was exposed to CAD, manufacturing, machining, injection molding, sheet metal, vacuum forming, and other manufacturing methods.
• Learned to use SolidWorks, AutoCAD and other CAD applications.
• Designed plastic, silicone, and fiberglass molds for casting elements.
• Designed sheet metal components for indoor, outdoor, and architectural purposes.

Call me (Emanuel) at (408) 758-8335

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