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That imbecile can't even think for himself. He does whatever that last thing was that he heard Fox and Friends tell him to do.

Putin just gave a speech touting how they own him. Who couldn't own him? Outfoxed by Kim, Erdogan, Putin. Everyone that works for him says the same things after they move on. To qoute Forrest Gump, stupid is as stupid does.

All you elders that voted for him, he's making efforts to cut SDI, Medicare, and Medicaide. Meanwhile billionaires, like Trump himself, write off their operating expenses on their private jets under this tax plan. Still feel like you're winning?

To the anti-abortion crowd, he's enjoyed uncontested power for 2 years. Thanks for your vote! So. Where's that anti-abortion legislation? I guess he forgot? Still feel like you're winning?

We're on track to be spending more on the interest for National Debt, the INTEREST, than every other federal expenditure within the next 2 years. But how is the money being spent? If we're borrowing money, what is it we're spending the borrowed money on? The elderly? Nope-trying to cut their benefits actually. The homeless? Nope. Our infrastructure? Nope. The homeless? Nope. Education? Nope. Cleaner water and air? Nope!

We're borrowing this money, and using it to make RICH PEOPLE RICHER. Still feel like you're winning?

The sad part is that he's doing all of this right in front of you, counting on the fact that all he has to do is utter "Fake news", and you guys will still support him. Without ever questioning-just once-is this guy telling the truth? Try watching ANY other news outlet but FOX. That's what he watches. And look at the course we're on. None of what was written here is "Fake news". Try, just TRY to check it out for yourself. Think about what kind of country we're about to leave for our children if we continue on this course President Fox News has us on.
He isn't worried himself. He's making out like a bandit, bankrupting our counry..
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