VOICE LESSONS ~ Sing with Power & Confidence

~ Voice Lessons via Skype, Zoom and FaceTime ~
AND in person if you live in the North County of San Diego

FREE 15 minute Phone Consultation

*Do you sing in the shower but want to feel confident enough to sing in front of others ?

*Are you in a band and looking to develop skills for the stage?

*Is karaoke a place where you would love to sing your very best?

Basically, if you can speak - you can sing AND you can learn to sing with ease and confidence with the methods I'll teach you. I can help you with alignment, breath, projection, tone, phrasing/expression, basic theory, and I can provide the guidance and skill necessary for those with fear of public performing and pitch difficulties. Zoom, Skype and FaceTime lessons are currently available. Please have a solid connection for online lessons. A laptop or desktop computer works best. I'm based in the north county.

I also cover mic technique and stage presence for those who intend to perform their songs. Content of the music is explored to bring out the most in your voice and expression. It's not just the notes, it's the meaning of the song!

My training started out in classical singing through private teachers from Portland Opera Company, SF Conservatory and Dominican College along with a Bachelor's degree from SFSU. I am a singer/songwriter and compose original music that is Indie/Alternative Rock/Pop. I regularly perform with my band Amalgamation and just released a brand new single! Earlier in my music career, I have also performed in a jazz trio, a French cabaret ensemble, a delta blues group, and a Led Zeppelin cover band. In addition, I have studied acting and done live theater as well as voiceover, am a certified hatha yoga instructor, incorporating yoga relaxation and breath techniques into the lessons. I have been teaching professionally for the last 18 years.

Student testimonials:

"We feel lucky to have found you and appreciate all of the time you gave us. My daughter learned a ton in such a short timeframe. You are a real pro and make singing seem as easy as breathing."
- Sudha

"Thank you, thank you, thank you times a million. The lessons were invaluable! It sped things up and got me really thinking about what I was doing. I put in a lot of focus and have been getting a lot of good feedback on my singing. I am most grateful and looking forward to future lessons."
- Xavier

"Robin - Led Zep lover, classically trained, world music knowledge, years of teaching , is actually in a rock band, knows yoga....etc. and more. Very thoughtful approach and keyed to the students needs and interests. Actually goes to see her students whatever style. She will teach you projection, mechanics, how to use your voice. All of it. You will get a LOT louder. And you'll preserve your voice. Tone improved dramatically. More flexibility. I spent a long time looking for someone like this.
- John B.

"Thank you for all your wisdom, support and encouragement. You are a wonderful teacher, musician, and person, and it is an honor being taught by you.
- Gina B.

As a vocal coach, have helped students to further their singing careers with touring bands, American Idol, The Voice and X-Factor auditions, symphony, musical, chorus opportunities, Gleeful lead roles, & more. My techniques are unique in that I help to alleviate the typical "reaching the note" fears. I show you how to connect with the notes instead and direct your own sound by taking control of it. My students see results with my voice lessons!

My experience crosses the spectrum of many styles of music and incorporates the body to become the kind of singer you've always dreamt of being. I offer reasonable rates for those with a burning desire to express themselves through their voices. You will receive mp3s of exercises for practice upon the second lesson and new exercises periodically for variety in your vocal regimen.

Please contact me to set up your first lesson. My rate is $70 per 50 minute lesson and I offer packages of 4 and 8 lessons at affordable discounted rates.

All levels accepted. Gift Certificates available.

~If you have the courage to begin you have the courage to succeed~

Thank you!

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