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$69 Delays Eviction Unlawful Detainer-Get the Best Legal Work 4 Less! (San Diego)

$69 Delays Eviction Unlawful Detainer

Eviction can be a great financial opportunity for you; because if you call Arthur Doyle, J.D. you won’t have to pay any rent for at minimum 2 more months; and if you follow Arthur’s directions, you won’t get any eviction on your record!

Arthur Doyle, J.D. is available to answer your questions and help you 24/7 on all weekdays, all weekends, and on all Holidays. Anyone who advertises that it’s possible to delay an eviction for a year is a Liar! Why not ask them for the case number and the name of the Plaintiff and the Defendant?

Is it a good idea to hire someone who makes false claims of a year delay in an eviction?

Why be a Victim? BE A WINNER!

You don’t need to read this whole ad, if you need “IMMEDIATE” help delaying your eviction, Call, Text and Email to get information and help from Arthur right now.

Why not pick-up you’re Thousand-pound Cell Phone and Call & Text (818) 279-4535; or email Arthur?

You have not lost your apartment; you just can’t afford to pay the rent! If someone is trying to throw your family in the street, or trying to take your property, or is trying to take your money, call Arthur on his Cell Phone, then text him a few times and then send him an email, and keep calling until Arthur answers the phone!

It isn’t over until “you” decide it’s over.

If you got a 5 Day Vacate Notice from the Sheriff, you can request a 10 Day Stay of Execution of the Judgment for “Hardship,” which can STOP THE SHERIFF, and you can also make a Motion for a New Trial. It’s only $69 for each motion, or $139 for both.

Knowledge is Power! Why not get a free consultation with Arthur right now?

After you file your first Motion for $69, then there is a Demurrer and more State Court Motions, at $69 each, that you can file to delay your Eviction even longer. If you tell Arthur the facts of your case, Arthur can give you an estimate of how long you can delay the case, and why.

The first Motion you could file is a “Motion to Quash Service” of the Eviction Lawsuit, (the “Unlawful Detainer.”,) (or a “U.D.”.)

This first motion that you can file is a Motion to Quash Service. It must be set for a hearing within 7 CALENDAR days after you are “improperly,) served, plus you get 5 more days because you are mailing the Motion to the other Attorney for a maximum of 12 Calendar Days.

The Demurrer and all of the other State Court Motions must be set for hearing no later than 30 Calendar Days, plus 5 more days, (for a total of 35 calendar days;) because you mailed them.

The longest amount of Free Rent time that an Eviction Defendant ever received, for whom Arthur wrote the defense motions, was 7 ½ Months. The Defendant had several other tenants living with him, who were not named in the UD Complaint, who later joined the case.

This case was a lot of fun, somewhat like “Guerrilla Warfare Games,” where one Defendant would file something and then another Defendant would join the case and then file something else. Amusingly, the Landlord was represented “personally” by an attorney that most people consider to be the best and most vicious eviction attorney in the state. The landlord’s attorney did everything possible to shorten time and to move the case forward as soon as possible.

Arthur can tell you all the possible things that can be done in your situation, and what his experience has shown him has happened as a result. Arthur is qualified to tell you what the law is, and all the possible things that your opponent can possibly do to respond to your choices.

Arthur does not fill-out forms. Arthur does legal research and legal writing. Arthur has written motions in hundreds of California eviction cases, for self-represented defendants and for attorneys evicting tenants and defending evictions. Arthur has a Doctorate in Law, so he is qualified to tell you exactly what the applicable law is and what cases support your position.

Arthur is not yet licensed as an attorney, so he cannot, and will-not give you legal “advice.” Arthur has discovered that once he educates his clients as to what the law is, his clients don’t need any advice from anyone, and they have no difficulty in deciding what they want Arthur to write for them. Arthur was employed by the United States Trustee, which is part of the U.S. Department of Justice, during a 5-year period.

Because we have the best legal system “that money can buy,” the motions that you may, or may not, decide to file that can potentially delay your eviction for many months are not available as EZ-Forms for broke tenants. These motions are detailed writings, sometimes over 14 pages in length, that must be researched and narrowly tailored to the facts of your case and then must be typed from scratch by someone with the good sense, and education to do so, or at least $69 to pay Arthur to write them for you?

Arthur suggests that you accept what you cannot change, and that you have the courage to pick-up you’re Thousand-pound Cell Phone and Call & Text (818) 279-4535; or email Arthur?

Why not ask Arthur Doyle, J.D. to help you to change the things that you can?

You can pay Arthur with a CASH APP payment. You will receive your Motions to read and review, before you pay Arthur!


The time that you get to set the Motion for the hearing is so that the other side can consider what you wrote and write and file a written response.

In many other different kinds of cases with complicated issues that could go either way, the person responding to the Motion wants the time to fully research the issue and then write a written Opposition to the Motion.

In most UD cases, the Tenant or Lessee typically hasn’t paid the rent, and would have paid it if they had it. Therefore, in most U.D. Cases, the Defendant’s motions are at best elegant exercises in Civil Procedure, pointing out minor technical flaws. In most cases the Motions won’t be successful relative to the relief requested in the motions; but they will be successful in delaying the progression of your case to a glacial pace and will ultimately delay the date at which the court can set the case for trial.

If you haven’t paid your rent; In Unlawful Detainer Court 99.3% of Defendants will eventually lose, if the case ever gets to trial. So you can understand why it’s better to avoid ever having a trial at all, if you know in advance that you are likely to lose and to get hit with a “Judgment for Possession” that will make it hard to rent anything for 10 years. A court judgment is a “Public Record” item on a Credit Report.

Because the time periods for Motions are for the benefit of the Plaintiff, the Plaintiff can decide that because your Motions are in most situations, based upon mere technicalities, that they don’t need any time at all to “write” an Opposition, as the Judge will deny your Motion without a written opposition.

In most “Law and Motion” (the name that lawyers give to this Civil Procedure Dance Contest,) the Landlord will eventually, and virtually always will do something called “Shortening Time.”


The Landlord gets your Motion in the mail on Monday and they call you up before 10:00 a.m. on Tuesday and tell you that they will be in Court before the Judge on Wednesday at 1:30.

When the Landlord’s Attorney shows-up, (for an additional $300 to $500 just to “appear,”) whether or not the Landlord’s Attorney has bothered to charge the Landlord with $1,500 to $1,800 more write an Opposition to your Motion. The Judge, will read your Motion, will most likely decide that it’s contrived to waste time, and will decide “sua sponte” (Latin for: “on the Judge’s own motion”) to Order you to “Answer and Answer Only.”

This means that the Judge is Ordering you to file the “Answer Form,” and not to do any more State Court Delaying Motions. “Call Arthur and he will tell you how you can avoid getting into this bad situation.”

Why not consider asking “all” of the other people who advertise on Craigslist, that you might consider hiring to help you, who are engaging in false advertising and who brag about “Months and Months, or a year” of free delay of the Eviction, what they will do in this situation?

Some of them will say: “Remove it to Federal Court,” or File Bankruptcy, or just stutter, or worse they might lie to you and say that: “Shortening Time RARELY happens.”

“Shortening Time” eventually always happens!

The amount of time you get depends upon how vigilant the Landlord’s attorney is, and how much extra money that your Landlord is willing to pay to get rid of you. No one but God and the Landlord can know that. My competitors can’t possibly know that, so how can they promise you 6 a month or a year delay? A liar is worse than a thief!

Arthur Doyle, J.D. finds it easier to tell the truth and the whole truth to his clients. Clients who read this Craigslist Ad and who call Arthur are smart enough to know that every legal controversy can have many knowable and unknowable factors, and that no human person, can “guarantee” you any specific period of time.

That’s why Arthur Doyle J.D. does not advertise 6 Months, or 3 Months. If you only have only one Defendant in your case, you have about at least 2 1/2 months and you may have as long as 4 1/2 months or longer even if the landlord does shorten time…which he eventually will.

Typically, the Eviction attorney’s deal with the landlord often is: $100 if they file the lawsuit and they get a Default and $500 if you resist and file an “Answer Form” and are stupid enough to go to trail where the landlord virtually always wins.

When the Landlord calls their attorney and whines about how you and your asshole paralegal are abusing the legal system, and that it’s “not fair,” consider this: The “System,” is there for everyone who can follow the rules, and exploit the loopholes, to get what they want.

The Legal System has very detailed and long and complicated rules. If your landlord tells you that your defense isn’t “fair,” tell him that: “The Fair is in Pomona.”

If you follow the rules, and know which loopholes are big enough to drive a Semi-Truck through, you are not “abusing” anything. You are simply doing what the law specifically states that it’s legal to do.

If you know how to delay, it’s legal if you know how.

Consider that there is guy in the White House; because he makes his legal opponents bleed money by paying their own attorneys while he delays lawsuits that he ought to lose based upon the facts, so that his opponents eventually cave-in and settle.

You may love The Donald, or you may hate him; but every thoughtful person must admit that his legal strategy works.

When the Landlord tells his Attorney to “shorten time,” and the Attorney often asks the Landlord for another $300 to $500.

No matter how cheap your landlord might be, by the time you file the second Motion set which you have set for a hearing in 35 days; most landlords will get very agitated, and really angry, and will just pay their attorney the money to Shorten Time.

Do you care?

No! It’s just part of the process of delay.

At the end, when Arthur tells you that you have run-out of different kinds of papers to file, then you show up at the trial.

Before Trial, the Judge sends both sides outside of the courtroom into the hallway, to see if you can “settle.”

Then you politely give the Landlord’s attorney the keys and tell him you moved-out, and the case immediately transforms its character.

After you hand the Attorney or the Landlord the keys, what was a U.D. case is now instantly transformed into just a Breach of Contract Case “for Money only”.

It is no longer a UD case where possession of the rental unit is at issue. Your case is no longer a UD because you gave the landlord “possession” of the leased premises when you handed the landlord and/or his attorney the keys in the hallway, before you went back into the courtroom.
The law in California will not allow a Judge to have a trail about “Possession of the rental unit,” if Possession has already been given to the Landlord in the hallway before any trial has started.

Additionally, the law in California prohibits the Judge from having a trial on “Contract Damages,” on the same day when the tenant has already voluntarily surrendered Possession to the Landlord.

Your landlord will be outraged!

Often they will compliment me and you by calling us bad names! Boo Hoo Hoo!

The Judge will set a trial of what is now only a Breach of Contract Case, often for about a year away.

Given that the landlord probably believes that you are broke, he likely won’t show-up in a year, and pay another attorney $1,500 to $2,500 in real cash money to get a Money Judgment against you, (someone who the landlord believes is broke,) so your delay time would be Free!

Life just isn’t fair!

Because there cannot now be a “Judgment for Possession;” because there was no Trial for Possession, there is no UD Judgment, (which is a Judgment for “Possession,”) that will not go on your record, provided that you show-up for the Trial after you move-out.

What would your mother tell you to do?

After your mom gets through telling that you “should have” begged, borrowed, or stole the money to pay your rent, and after you tell her that you tried everything and couldn’t get the money together, your mom would tell you to save your own ass by telling you to call and text Arthur Doyle J.D. right now.

Why not pick-up you’re Thousand-pound Cell Phone and Call & Text (818) 279-4535; or email Arthur?

Arthur's friend Bill said that: “You can’t save your face and your ass at the same time.”

Arthur will explain exactly what you should expect from the Landlord’s Attorney, and from the Court, so that you can handle your own case with confidence.

Arthur’s Eviction Delaying Motions have forced some attorneys to dismiss evictions so they had to start the entire eviction process all over again, but this rarely happens.

Why not let Arthur explain what arguments may, or may not work in Eviction Court, and which arguments are “guaranteed” to be losers, and why?

Why not ask Arthur how to get a better Judge and how to disqualify the Judge that hears 98% of evictions in each courthouse, and who gives landlords wins 99.999% of the time?

You can be prepared to represent yourself in court with confidence of the best possible outcome, given the facts of your case.


Do you want to be a sheep, eager for slaughter by using a free legal service that will help you get evicted fast, by “advising” you to respond in 5 days with an “Answer Unlawful Detainer,” [form UD-105 is a pre-printed form]?”

Filing the “Answer Form” will get you a fast Trial Date in 7 to 9 days. Fast, so the Sheriff can throw you into the street in about 7 days after you lose your trial!

Most free legal services, like the Legal Aid Foundation of Southern California, whose attorneys assist their clients in losing over 99.98% of eviction cases, are ultimately funded by the private donations from landlords and from attorneys who represent the landlord establishment.

Arthur knows, he has worked there!

These free services are worth every penny that you pay for them. They have a vested interest in doing what their donors want, which is giving you the illusion that you have a chance to a “fair trial” and then “helping you for free” to be evicted as soon as possible.

If a service is free, then ask yourself: “Why is a legal service 100% free?” “Who is paying the Legal-Aid attorney’s $100,000 a year salary?”

Are you old enough to fuck and to drink beer? With all the facts, will you need anyone to “advise” you what to do?

Are you old enough to make the best-informed choices for yourself, with confidence, and without advice?

Civil Litigation which includes evictions, has very little to do with who is right and who is wrong.
Civil Litigation is about which party gets tired of paying their attorney first.
Arthur costs you about 1/10th of what your landlord’s attorney likely charges the Landlord.

Do you want to have Arthur help you turn your anxiety into joy, by delaying your eviction so you can save several months of rent money for your new apartment?

Or, would you prefer to do what a Legal Aid Attorney “advises”, and to give all your money to your current landlord and then to live on the sidewalk?

Why not just pick-up you’re Thousand-pound Cell Phone and Call & Text (818) 279-4535; or email Arthur?

This is 2019, not 1919! There is email! Sometimes there isn’t time for you and Arthur to meet face to face so Arthur can hand you a paper copy you’re first Motion.

Arthur will make you comfortable and protected!
Don’t be a bashful Schnook! Call and/or Text Arthur and make sure that he gives your papers a look!

Why not just pick-up you’re Thousand-pound Cell Phone and Call & Text (818) 279-4535; or email Arthur?

THE FACT IS: If you do every possible legal delay tactic and then move-out before your Unlawful Detainer trial, (and have 2 witnesses show-up at trial and testify that you have already moved, because you can count on your landlord to lie,) you will not have no eviction judgment on your record that could possibly hurt your ability to rent someplace else.

Your landlord’s attorney will probably lie to you about this to get you to give-up and settle your case by agreeing to pay your greedy landlord to “seal the record!”
If you move-out before the trial and there is no “eviction judgment,” then there is no “record” of any “Eviction,” that needs to be sealed.

In Eviction Court, you may see Legal Aid Attorneys advise their poor clients to pay thousands of dollars to their landlords to get the record sealed.

Your landlord, like Donald Trump, did not get to be a landlord by telling the truth and being a nice guy!

If you show-up for your eviction trial several months from now, and if you have moved-out, there won’t be an “Eviction Trial” as Eviction is about: “Who has more right to possess your rental unit, you, who hasn’t paid rent or the Landlord?”

If you move-out before the trial date and testify that you already moved-out, there is no Eviction Trial, and No Eviction Judgment that can wreck your credit.
The landlord’s eviction lawyer may lie to you about this. If you have any doubt about this, explicitly ask the Judge!

If you moved-out, the Judge cannot have a trail on “damages only,” in what is now only a breach of contract case, on the eviction trial date.

Don’t be a fool! Free Legal Aid Attorneys will advise you to pay your greedy landlord to “seal the record,” instead of telling you to move out before the trial date.
If you have not yet moved out, the landlord will ruin your record anyway if you are late paying, or if you miss a date, or even one payment, even by one day.

Why pay your greedy landlord anything if you don’t have to?

This is America!

Why not feel better, save money, and tell your landlord and his attorney to Fuck-Off?
Why not just pick-up you’re Thousand-pound Cell Phone and Call & Text (818) 279-4535; or email Arthur?

Arthur Doyle received his undergraduate degree in History at UCLA in 2000, where he was designated as a California Regent’s Scholar. Arthur Doyle received his Doctorate in Law from the University of West Los Angeles in 2005, where he was on the Law Review.
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