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Moving Service that does the job right the first time. (Gaslamp)

SD Mini Movers 

(858) 713-2134




We offers a full range of home or office moving and packing services - from very small to very large. Our goal is to provide you with competitive pricing, excellent on-time service and stress-free customized moving experience. Whether you need help moving furniture from one room to another or you're moving down the road or across town, our moving services provide you with:


$ 95.00 Per Hour For 2 Pro Movers 
$ 135.00 Per Hour For 3 Pro Movers 

A reasonable flat travel fee

To get this special offer let us know you found us on Craigslist.

Business Hours: OPEN 7 days a week.
Give us a call today for a free quote: (858) 713-2134

Here are some reviews of our past clients:

Those young men Ryan & Robanero were 2 of the nicest guys I have ever met! Very polite, kind and caring for my husband who has terminal cancer and confined to his reclining chair.
They were so helpful and patient and really cared about what were & how to deal w/ all the items we have.
I am just beginning to sort things out and decide what I want to store and/ or keep here. Lots of stuff ...but First had to get the bigger furniture out of the way, which they did perfectly.
I am going through stuff and getting ready for them to come take a second load...( but it won't need that big of a truck this time)
So I will let you know! & thanks again! Both those guys are worth their weight🏋🏽‍♂️ in gold in both customer relations and efficiency with the project.
Five ***** 👍😀for sure!

These guys did such a great job!!! I'm writing my first "yelp-review" ever...THAT IS HOW MUCH I RESPECT THE WORK THESE GUYS DID! I've never been this satisfied with someone else's hard work ethic in this exact standard of excellent customer service in my life... Let me tell YOU a story... My name is Executive Chef Robi Kerry, I've worked my tail off, working 16 hour days, in a hard working industry, for over 20 years... I've worked with 1000s of people in my life, met every work personality type in the books, I've hired and fired countless co-workers in my day. A chef knows hard work when a chef sees it.... I have to say... I stand in awe of the work that SD Mini-Movers did for me during one of the most challenging Moves of my life...not just once, but twice! (Anthony and Ryan were the two gentlemen SD Mini-Movers sent to me)...Here is my story...
Long story short, I had to move all my belongings (by Myself)... in less than a month... I had to move/pack all my belongings, work 12-16 hour days, in a very busy hotel, take care of my parents farm, and makes sure my little high-schooler safely got to school. I knew I needed help...I didnt even have time to pack, nor the money to pay for a long day of moving, nor the strength or personal time to get this done. So I called SD Mini-movers, a beautiful lil outfit, which I later heard is quite the prominent local family run business....
1)I got the number off craigslist... They promptly called me from the office to schedule my time. They were nice, understood my work load, spoke perfect English, and were able to get movers to my home in less than 48 hours...Which is phenomenal if you are in a time-crunch with limited time... The office guys did a fantastic job... Chef is proud of you guys!
2) I explained I had no time to pack up... they said no problem! They brought with them all the tools needed to disassemble furniture, work on Computer Issues, were able to take down an extreme amount of decorations, Anthony and Ryan were equipped to do it all! They went to work immediately, with a calm and professional manner... I personally would hire these guys for any hard work like this for the rest of my days
3) I had soooo much work on my shoulders... I hadn't been home in a month... There were dishes in the sink... gnats flying about the place, and a smell hardly worth mentioning without grossing most people out... Almost nothing had been done, it was brutal. These guys threw off the challenge with a shrug.
4) These guys got right to work... listened to everything needing to be done. I only had money to pay them for 5 hours... I figured and told them... "hey guys, just do as much as you can... Let us just get the bulk of it done... If there is more work... I will just call you to come back, at a later date to finish... Anthony just shook his head and said "Nope, Lets get this done today". Chef didn't even think for a second that could be done... Every room had art on the walls, it was dirty from me not being there, My garden was dying... and by no means could I imagine we would be done that day... They were even able to pack up my garden and all my potted plants! Are you kidding me! ???
5)Within the first two hours... I couldn't believe my eyes! They completely had moved/unpacked and wrapped just about everything! I was stunned... I didn't think this was possible. They are EXTREMELY organized as to what must be done first then next. This is important in any job site... I cant even use an adjective to describe it... just WOW!
6)At the 3 hour mark we were packed up COMPLETELY and on our way to my new home...I still was wondering how... we would drive a 30 min drive, and unpack everything in less than 2 hours...I was already planning that I would either have to pay more or I'd need them to come back... NOPE, they not only got it all done in 5 hours they got it done early!!!!
7) I told the company my biggest fear... My biggest fear was... It was a very steep and dangerous drive to my new home... It was up a very jagged hill, that goes down to only one lane on the crest of the mountain... If you look to your left out the drivers side window... its a 3000 foot drop to grim death with no shoulder on the road! No fences!... Once you get there its a steep driveway down! with a hairpin turn, on a gravel road! a 90 degree turn! I thought for sure this would scare away any mover from the job... This didn't even phase them! They did it easily, and were able to go back up the mountain, without putting a scratch on my new property... Without damaging or breaking anything!!!! How you guys did that is just beyond me! You could teach a class on how to drive a truck... What a team!
8) once done I paid them, the amount was exactly what they quoted me, no hidden fees, and was WELL WORTH THE MONEY... I thanked them, and told them I would ALWAYS hire them again...Honestly, I never hire movers, usually can do most of it myself and just have my friends help me, right? I hired them again...

I was very pleased with how quickly and efficiently the Mini Movers do their job. They showed up right when they said they would and we're very polite. Once my things reached its destination, none of my items were missing or broken like other moving companies I've dealt with. The rates are decently priced and I would highly recommend Mini Movers to anyone who is in need of moving :)

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