Nurturing Massage- Lomi Lomi - Therapeutic & Professional (Escondido, San Diego)

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Citrus Ave near Wanek Rd

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Nurturing Dance Massage- Lomi Lomi - Therapeutic & Professional Massage

Taking long slow oceanic movements down the whole length of your body. . .allowing your body to relax, breathe in and let go. . ..the long flow of the motion put you in a meditative space of presence!

This work is a flowing, therapeutic type of massage designed to release muscle tension, relax the body and mind, take you on a journey and have you feel nurtured, connected, and held. The body and mind just takes a vacation into the soft rhythms of rocking, soothing movements, holding and stillness!

This work combines Lomi Lomi Massage, my own intuitive work & flowing dance like movement as I move around your body!

"Art comes in different forms and YOU make massage an Art!"

"What you have created here is soft, flowing, powerful, gentle & strong all at one time."

I mix Swedish, Deep Tissue, Energy Work & gentle stretches (Thai) into the massage as well.

I use heated massage oil, low lighting, soft music to relax your mind and body, while you are on a heated massage table.

I do 1.5-2 hour appointments. Though I recommend at least 2 hours for you to fully relax into it.

I have been a bodyworker, healer and intuitive massage therapist since 1989. I also do energy work sessions where I channel and intuitively read the body and clear blocks and open the chakras if you ask for it. I love what I do.

In Calls Only, I’m in Escondido

My work schedule:
Mondays 10-9pm
Tuesdays 10-9pm
Wednesdays 10-6pm
Thursdays 4-9pm
Fridays 10-6pm
Saturdays 10-3pm
Off Sundays

FAQ - IG @nurturingdancemassage - Do NOT write me there, I rarely check it. It also has my journey as a healer.

No blocked numbers
Professional Massage!

Bliss, Heather

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