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KOMBUCHA Delicious Tea SCOBY-Probiotic Healthy w/ Instruc - Lilly's - $10 (downtown)

701 Kettner Blvd

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condition: excellent

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MAKE YOUR OWN HOMEMADE KOMBUCHA-so healthy and delicious!
Strongly Probiotic and tastes so good.

For $10, I am selling 3 things:
(1) the S.C.O.B.Y. which is the living gelatinous culture that creates a metamorphosis of the tea. It eats the sugars and caffeine and transforms the liquid tea into a bubbly PROBIOTIC drink.)
(2) with 1/2 c liquid Kombucha starter which you need to start your first batch.
(3) And printed instructions.

S.C.O.B.Y. stands for Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeasts.
Scobys can look a bit strange. Don't judge your scoby by its funny appearance:
Here are some funny looking scobys but all perfectly good:

The brown threads are the healthy yeasts. If there are bubbles in a scoby it is good because of lots of fizzi fermentation. Scobys can look very weird or crazy. The darker brown is from black tea (standard) but if you use white tea, your scoby will be very light color. You want air to be able to get into your kombuchaYou can cut scobys or trim them, or even cut them in half and divide them. With each batch of kombucha you brew you will grow a new scoby.

I have been making delicious and healthy kombucha for 2 years now and its SO SO GOOD!
I just use filtered water and black tea bags and white sugar.
Kombucha takes 8-12d approx. This depends on how sweet or sour you prefer it.

You will need a glass jar, tea bags, sugar, water, and a breathable cover; a coffee filter or paper towel on top affixed with a rubber band.
You boil the filtered water (8c), add 1c sugar, and 6 reg size tea bags, steep 15 min.
COOL COMPLETELY to room temp.
Pour into jar.
Add Scoby, and add your 1/2 c of Kombucha from previous batch.
Cover with a coffee filter and rubber band, and date.
Let sit at room temp.
Check in 7-10 days.
Taste for sweet/sour preference.
The longer it ferments, the more sugar is eaten up and it gets more sour.

After it is ready. You can pour into bottles, and add your own flavorings for a secondary fermentation.
BUT NONE ARE REQUIRED because it tastes so good as is.

My fav: I boil lots of sliced ginger root for 15 min and use this liquid for teas, and lots of things.
I add 2 T to my kombucha in bottle, and some lemon, and 1/2 t sugar and twist the cap on, and the sugar will get 'eaten' by the magic creatures in the kombucha and make it even fizzier, (tho its a little bit fizzy when its done). You can get fancy bottles with clamp down stoppers, but I just use screw on glass or plastic bottles for the final fermentation. This is just a day or 2 at room temp. Or you can drink it without doing this. Its amazing how fast it goes, its so delicious.

The microrganisms eat mostly all the sugar and most of the caffeine in the tea, so its low on calories and caffeine!!

There is tons of info online about kombucha!!

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