Things to consider if you are thinking of a reptile as a pet

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Things to consider if you are thinking of a reptile as a pet

This is Creepy Crawlies reptile and exotics rescue, if you are thinking of getting a reptile as a pet, please consider the fact that most reptiles can live a good 15 to 20 years and many of them can outlive you your children and their children. People never think about the long term when it comes to exotic animals and end up having to re-home them or relinquish them to rescues, when they move, the animal gets too big, or they lose interest. Reptiles and birds live longer than dogs and cats, in most cases, and people need to be aware of this before getting a new exotic animal. In the case of tortoises, they can live through 4 generations of a family or more. Animals are not a throw away hobby that you pick up for a while, they are a life long commitment and should be treated as such. People who are in the military, travel for work, are going off to college or might be getting married, have no reason to add a pet to their already unstable lives. I take in more animals from people who are moving because they are military, or relocating for, work than I do anyone else. Please be very aware of what your life may be in the next few years, before you decide to get what you consider a disposable pet. Those animals you may think only live 5 to ten years, probably live for 2 to 10 times that long if well cared for. Remember, these animals do not want to be kept as pets, they are not like mammals and do not crave attention or socialization. If they have to be a pet, they deserve to be treated well and have good lives.

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