Hot Pots; Cool Rocks! L@@K!! - $5 (San Diego)

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condition: new
size / dimensions: 1/4"-3"
Do YOU LOVE Decorative rocks?

I do!!

I love to go combing the beaches for assorted Rocks in interesting patterns~ not just driveway gravels!

Also your potting mix gets dried out in the sun and wind, so you water more often and more heavily.

So I have fused my 2 passions together, putting Cooling rock on top of my pots to shade the soil.

$5 per pound: assorted beach cobbles, 1-3"

Choose from different rock types:

♡ Metamophic Mudstones: banded clays in a compressed cobble, tans, olives, black, browns and white layered stripes.
These are both beautiful and hard with no decay.
This group most likely get further subdivision. The black on white pattern is like White Buffalo... Fantastic as a rock mulch!
$5/ pound.

♡ Feldspar Crystals beach-tumbled: Chaytoyant reflections shine from these golden/yellow single crystals. Handsome rock layer; limited supply. $8/ pound

♡ GRAFFIC Granite Pegmatites
often mixed with Altnating layers of graffic Quartz and Felspar Crystals; with accessories of Red Garnets, Micas, Schorl and other pegmetite minerals. Relatively rare in the beach environment! Limited quantity. $8/ pound

♡ Mine run crushed pegmetite gravels, screened to -1/2" and +1/4" and washed, mixed bits of Feldspar, Quartz, Mica, Schorl (black tourmaline), garnet, host rock, Lepdolite, Kuntzite, Montmorillanite clay, colored tourmaline. Looks good in a pot! $2/pound,
Limited quantity.

♡ San Enofre Breccias; this roughly flattish banded layers of Metamorphic rock associated with both Blue and Green Schists facies come and wide range of color! Steel blue, green, clear, reds, black, tans, often with titanite needles in them.
This rock category will be further subdivided. Fantastic finished look in a pot! $5/ POUND
Reds $5/ Ounce ~Cab-able!

♡ Meteor-Wrongs: (non magnetic) Grey and black looking pebbles often mimicking actual meteorite! Who knows? Without testing it's just another rock. Unique look~great in a pot! $10/ pound all day long! Make necklaces with this!

Magnetic- Meteor-Wrongs, $12/pound (magnet tested)

♡ Metamophic Brecciated rocks; these harder to find beauties come in a vast array of colors and patterns, broken bits re-cemented into hard pebbles, $30/ a pound based on rarity! Slabable and cabable!

♡ Granite cobble; don't find many though they are beautiful just the same, high variability. $5/ pound.

♡ Green /orange Ukanite, and Epidot rocks, these largely Volcanic rock come in a wide variety of forms and patterns, rare in the beach environment but they certainly stand out, $13/ pound, limited quantity.

♡ Basalt; aka mexican beach cobble and often magnetic (high iron) these stones dominate the cobble benches, often magnetic, I pick these up with a neodimium magnet! $1 /pound special.

♡ Lilly-pad Jasper and Tiger Jasper, a Radiolarian Chert; comes in a variety of colors, blues, green, browns, with small ovals of purple, greens, or browns often showing the lilly-pad pattern, tiger pattern is much much more rare, ultra limited quantity and one of top 5 all time favorites! $5/ ounce. The ultimate Cabochon!


Pet Wood; I don't find much at the beach but it does exist! I have better materials from the Petrified Forrest (legally bought) $10/ pound.

Beach Glass: this is from Ventura County beaches, sand tumbled and smooth, different colors; greens whites, browns, the odd cobalt blue or red, l have tumbled vassoline glass too! (Radio active) NOT FOR SALE.

Pismo Clam: much like beach glass, these surf polished chips are bright white, and are from 1/4" -1/2" rounded chips, $10/pound.

Native Copper Rock Ores: this material is a mystery to me, again cobble rock forms displaying copper grains and ore and Sulphide minerals; pyrites, bornites, likely hydrothermal. Non magnetic, accesory minerals; gold, silver, Platinum group, could also be fools gold or other non ferrous metals. $5/pound. Grind this stuff up for gold table extraction!

Oolitic Rock: borne in hydro-thermal systems, these rocks are dominated by rounded grains encased in calcite cements. $5/ pound.

Shmectite, I have found exactly 1 piece of this: vien structure af black tourmaline showing the schmectite pattern, not a spherulite, Not For Sale.

Eclogites: development needed

Actinolites: Jadeite relatives, this material is associated and often travels with jade. In southwest California it's black jade, collectors items; NOT For Sale

Buena Ventura Jasper:
Again coming our of Ventura County, these beach cobbles are spectacular arrays of reds, orange, yellows, green and clear often Brecciated and reformed, makes great cabs! $5/ pound.

Tiger Feldspar: Total exclusive!! Slabs of true Feldspar that the banding looks a lot like tiger eye! $ 5/ ounce price, limited quantity, limited location!

Chalcedony Roses; as pictured (1st pic) this one chalcedony Rose is the best natural rock form I own!! Looks like a smiling Dragon or Gremmlin, i call it "gemy-gremmy" From the wiley well area. SELF COLLECTED, Sacrifice price $5,000.00 FIRM

Geodes, also from the Wiley Well area of the houzer geode beds. Different locations, sizes, grades $10/ pound
Slab these for cabinet displays or bookends.

Chinese writing rocks; these green and cream colored oddities are loosely based on Crystals that look like Chinese writing $5/ pound, limited quantity.

Unclassified oddities?

QUASARITE Supergroup; $10x spot price of Gold. Price Is Firm. No exceptions.
The ultimate collectable, these rocks have:
No genesis story
No known in situ location
No age data
Do not comform to Any rock building processes: Igneus, Metamophic nor Sedimentary.
They are made up amorphous Crytals called 'Sperulites' that conform to both A and/or B Lichtenberg Crystal Patterns. Quite possibly formed in space after ejection off the planet Mars; LITTLE IS KNOWN. This material is fused and is harder then thier constituent minerals!
Whatever process ar group of processes that made this unique rock is entirely foreign to science.
Due to it's hard/tuff nature Quasarite enters the Earth's atmosphere cold as it was previously super heated. Can't melt a melted rock twice! No Fusion Crust??!?

1 in an estimated 10 million beach rocks this is the rarest material on Earth. Every single rock is uniquely different never repeating! Unknown, unstudied, beautiful! This speaks to a very large impact event over 100s of kilometers. HUGE STREWN FIELD.
200 + pounds available as I have been collecting this over 40 years now. *see pix!

PHOTOS: Are sample photographs, your rocks are similar but NOT the same as in the pictures, filmed wet as polish.

More photos descriptions coming, filmed with Aloe Vera and split rock plants (lithops)

For more info. Call or text Matt, no Codes, no Scams, no Drama please!

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