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Have a new mortgage or need to protect loved ones? As a licensed California agent, I represent all the major carriers and can shop you the lowest life insurance rates. With over 25 years of life insurance experience, no one beats our rates. Term polices, UL polices, 30 year return of premium policies, where you get all your money back and guaranteed UL polices where the rates are guaranteed to age 100 or even age 121.

As an example, a 10 year policy for $250,000 for a 25 year old female in good health, starts at $9 a month! A $250,000 guaranteed locked in rate, 30 year policy for a 35 year old male in good health, is only $23 a month. A 20 year policy would be even lower.

We can also get the lowest smoker rates for smokers or with people with health conditions or medications. Ask us for a free quote now! No obligation, no money down, until the carrier makes an offer. You can call me at 619 575-2232 or text me at 619 777-8994, 7 days a week. Paul
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