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4520 Executive Drive, Suite 350

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Vergütung: $25 - $550

Help advance science and get paid!  
Donate blood or bone marrow. You'll be compensated for your time, and help provide researchers stem cells that they need to perform life-saving research into diseases like diabetes and heart disease.
$25 for coming to StemExpress for a health screening that includes a small blood draw to test for infectious diseases.

$25-$50 for each return visit to StemExpress to give blood. 

$100 for an apheresis (white blood cell) donation appointment. 

$250 to qualified donors for a bone marrow donation appointment.

$550 to qualified donors for a mobilized apheresis donation appointment.
All donations help support biomedical researchers around the world harnessing the incredible power of regenerative medicine to cure disease.
Visit or call 877.900.STEM to learn more and schedule your appointment today!
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