Remote gig! Content creators needed for short product video reivews!

compensation: can varry, though approximately $16-$24 an hour, based on making 2-3 videos per hour at $8 per video
Is your front door piling up with packages? :) Are you on a first name basis with an Amazon delivery driver? :) Did you have an unexpected bill or expense that you'd rather not pay for? School, parking, ticketing, all these little extra fees that you'd like to cover without dipping into your other funds?

Well, we are launching a new website that allows customers to shop for products through short, 1-2 minute videos, and we need your help! We are currently looking for creators to record videos of products that they already own, all from the comfort of their home!

It would just need to be a couple of things, mainly:

* showcasing the product and giving your honest opinion, like talking to a friend :)
* be currently available on Amazon, and retail at $20 or more

The pay structure fluctuates depending on a couple criteria for the video. Though generally, it can be estimated to be about $16-$24 an hour, which is based on making 2-3 videos per an hour, at $8 per video. Though it could be higher depending on various factors and how many videos you make :)

Referral bonuses are also available!

We would love to invite you to join our growing creator team! Please send us a message letting us know you’d be interested, and we will reply with more information on the video review process.

Here are a few examples of the types of video we are looking for:



Q: Do I need a professional camera?
A: No, you can use your smartphone

Q: Do I need to do any editing?
A: Please shoot your video in a way that does not require editing. If you would like to edit your video, even better!

Q: How many creators are you hiring?
A: We are hiring multiple creators

Q: How often am I paid?
A: If your video meets the requirements, you will be paid right away with the potential of more creator/influencer opportunities to follow.

Q: Will I have someone to help guide me?
A: Yes, we will provide you with all the necessary guidance and support

Q: Where will the videos be displayed?
A: The videos will be displayed on our storefronts and social media accounts.

You’d be surprise how many items you are reading this right next to that could be used for reviews right now :) If you have any other questions, just let us know!

Thank you kindly!

The Influencer Team @ Social Star Talent


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