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Welcome to ComputerTriage Computer and Technology Services

San Diego's finest and most popular residential and small business computer service provider.
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***** NEWS ALERT *****

Because ComputerTriage has been so successful here in San Diego, we are creating a new website that offers other technology services. In addition, the new website will include a blog, videos, and other useful content to provide you important information about the services we will offer as well as instructional tutorials.

We will keep you informed of our progress. Thank you, San Diego!


Computer Triage is a licensed business located in San Diego, California, which is dedicated to providing professional, but very affordable, (Windows, Mac, Linux) computer, technology, and consulting services to both the home and small business since 2008. With over 50 years of combined education and experience, we know technology and computers.


We provide on-site, off-site, and remote services to meet your specific needs. Some restrictions may apply.

Home Services: We charge only $25.00 hourly for labor. (2-hour minimum; most services are completed within two hours)
Business Services: We charge only $35.00 hourly for labor. (2-hour minimum)

● A travel fee between $10.00 - $25.00 for services outside our local service area may apply.
● All new customers receive a 10% discount toward labor only.


● Why unplug and haul your PC Windows or Macintosh computer to the nearest computer shop when we can provide the same services right to your home or business?
● Why pay hundreds of dollars for computer services, when we charge only a fraction of the cost? You get more for less!
● We provide almost every computer service offered today, regardless if your computer is a desktop, tower, or laptop computer running Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS, or Linux.
● We offer a 30-day service warranty. Some restrictions may apply.
● We inspect our work for completeness to ensure our solution actually solves the problem.
● Whether you have 1 or 50 computers, no job is too small.
● We are a licensed business and have been around since 2008. We plan on staying in business for years to come.
● We have over 50 years of combined experience. We know computers.
● We comply with the IT Code of Ethics and follow IT best practices.
● We accept cash and credit card payments to offer you payment options.
● We offer on-site, off-site, and remote services to provide you the option of what service type you prefer.
● We offer free technical support to our customers.
● We provide same-day service for most of the services we provide. Some restrictions may apply.


● We are a REAL and LEGITIMATELY LICENSED BUSINESS located in San Diego, California!

● We offer SAME DAY computer repair services!

● We have helped THOUSANDS of happy home residential, SOHO, and small business customers in San Diego County!

● We guarantee our services are done the right way the FIRST time!


REVIEW our latest customer testimonials on our secure website

"Mark came over to connect a new wireless printer to my Mac network and did so in a very efficient manner. I also asked him to check my computer for adware and he did just that and found several issues that were slowing down my computer. I would not hesitate calling them again as they were knowledgeable, efficient, professional and very cost effective."

-George C. (Bonita, CA)

"ComputerTriage recently saved the day for me when Mark resurrected my desktop PC. He miraculously restored important data I thought was lost forever. It saved me days of recreating client work. He was professional and I highly recommend his services."

-Donna D.

"ComputerTriage was able to tune-up my computer and increase its speed in just a few hours, when everyone was telling me I needed a new computer. The service was prompt, efficient and affordable."

-Sofia Baez

"I was referred to ComputerTriage Services by a friend whom was pleased with their services in the past. Mark was able to diagnose and repair my computer for a price below his competitors. I felt comfortable having him in my home and have recommended him to friends. I also plan to use ComputerTriage Services at my place of business for all future computer needs."

-Pat Moore

"I have had the occasion to use Mark's services twice. The first time was to replace the hard drive in my Apple iMac which was done quickly and very affordably. The second time was to bring my girlfriend's iMac up to speed, clear out a bunch of things that was causing it to lock up and generally respond very slowly. Again, he did an excellent job at a fair price. I used another "Mac Specialist" in the past that was not as knowledgeable or as interested in getting the job done quickly and correctly. I will be calling Mark in the future for an Mac needs that come up."

-James Branch

"We have used Mark's services through Computer Triage for the past four years, and my only regret is that we didn't discover him years earlier. His work is conscientious, thorough and professional. When he runs into problems and unanticipated glitches - as any computer technician will - he will find solutions that are both creative and inexpensive. Even better, he has tremendous patience with his clients in his explanations of what he's doing. Plus, he's a genuinely nice guy."

-Fielding M. McGehee III

"Mark, "I have been so busy but I wanted to thank you again for the exceptional repair you did on my computer last month. As you know, my computer crashed during finals week and it was essential I had access to my files for school, but I could not even get the computer to turn on anymore." "Calling for a quote was stressful enough, and your office contacted me back within a matter of 30 minutes. Further, your pricing beat out the two other prices I received from other repair shops. The cherry on top was that you came to my house to fix the computer on site. Working two jobs and having finals that week, this made my life so much easier and was worth the small site visit fee which was so affordable. Upon diagnoses at my house, you had to take the computer back to the shop and I stressed again that time was very important in getting my computer restored if possible. Thank you for removing the malware and root kit virus in a timely and cost effective manner, and bringing the computer back to me with in a matter of days. Thank you for taking extra care in the process to save all my files like school work pictures and music. You do great work, hopefully I won't have to use you for a problem like this again, but when the need arises for any computer problem I will be contacting Computer Triage. Thank you."

-Stevie Koller

"The service I received from Mark at Computer Triage was great. I had some issues with an external hard drive as well as my laptop. Mark was very helpful - and responded back to me quickly. And the most important thing is he resolved all my issues I was having at that time. I would recommend his services any time. My search has finally ended for a reliable computer guy for I will be calling Mark at Computer Triage again with any new issues or service that is needed."

-Rosanne Cellini

"Mark you are a total pro with a fair price. My Mac and Airport wireless network was a cake walk for you. Your my goto tech guy from now on. Thanks."

-Gil Ortega

"Computer Triage recently saved the day for me when Mark resurrected my desktop PC. He miraculously restored important data I thought was lost forever. It saved me days of recreating client work. He was professional and I highly recommend his services."

-D. Cameron

"Computer Triage came to the rescue! My laptop died and Mark, a Computer Triage specialist, came to my business with the necessary software to revive my PowerBook. The process took some time but Mark was very patient. I would highly recommend Computer Triage to anyone needing computer repair services."

-Andy C.

"Our computer has been a mess for several months.....ridiculously slow and infected with several viruses. After taking it TWICE to Office Depot to no avail, our last resort was to look for someone on Craig's List which we were very weary about or buy a new computer. We decided to call Computer Triage. Mark arrived on time at 7:00 pm and by 11:00 pm decided the computer was in such bad shape he needed to take it with him. He said what normally would take 20 minutes to cleanup a computer, took over 6 hours for ours and that he had never seen a computer so full of "junk" and viruses. He warned us he might have to remove all apps and re-install them which would have cost us hundreds of dollars since we didn't have any of the apps to re-install. He was able to fix our computer without removing the apps and returned it last night after a couple of days. Our computer is so fast now and virus free. Feels like we bought a new one. Aside from the fact that Mark is definitely an expert in his field, he is one of the most trustworthy people I've ever known. The way he described our computer and the hours of work he put into it, our jaw dropped when he told us how much we were to pay. What's funny is he was worried we'd think it was too much, whereas we couldn't believe how fair he was and added a tip to ease our conscious. After hooking the computer, printer, etc. back up, he spent at least another hour educating us on computers and how to maintain them. THANK YOU COMPUTER TRIAGE, THANK YOU MARK!!"

-Blanch H.

"Computer Triage is professional and knew exactly how to repair my computer and get it back to good. They are straightforward and we did not feel ripped off or disappointed in anyway. Computer Triage are the only guys we will call for all our computer service needs. Its such a relief to finally find someone who knows what to do and how to answer all of our tech questions. We knew we were taking a risk using Craigslist but thankfully Computer Triage is far from a Craigslist horror story. Mark was very professional and tech savvy. We will be calling him often in the future for all of our service needs."

-Jenni A.

"Just wanted to thank Mark for being so helpful, informative and patient with my desktop! I am very pleased with his service and honesty, and my computer has never run better! You can't beat this kind of service for the price. Will def refer and use you guys again, as needed."

-Kal R.

"Mark just helped me for the first time with several issues and I wanted to post this review for anyone who might be worried about hiring an IT person off of Craig's List. He just spent 3 hours at my house ON A SUNDAY to 1) Set up my IPAD to print to my (non airprint) printer 2) Speed up my computer ( which I was ready to send to the electronics graveyard) and 3) Set up a wireless extender so that Netflix worked better on my TV. My bill was less than $100! Mark owns Computer Triage and often works 7 days a week he told me to help out folks in need. I have a law practice which can't handle down time, and although I am a complete idiot about technology, he explained everything in a way that I could understand it. So bottom line,,,,even though you are having a stranger come into your house and access your electronic "life", the experience can be a good one like mine was today."


"I have had Mark over to help me various times with my MAC and he is great. I thought that I should let you know he is very good at what he does, friendly and very reasonable. I'm very pleased with his service and will always use him as my computer guy. He takes his time to answer all your questions and is available whenever you need him. He has always been able to fix any problem i have had on my Mac. He's great...."


"Mark, the technician Computer Triage sent out to assist me, is an affable fellow with a goodly store of knowledge; he knows what he is about. I would not hesitate to recommend him to my friends, nor to you!"

-Mark B.


We provide the following technology, desktop, laptop computer services running Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS 10.x, or Linux operating systems every day, evenings, even on weekends and holidays:

● Apple Computer Repair (MacBook, iMac, Mac Mini, etc)
● Biometric Authentication
● Business Retainer Services
● Cable/Cord Management
● Coax MoCA (Multimedia Over Coax Alliance) Network Setup
● Computer Cleaning
● Computer Diagnostics
● Computer Donations
● Computer Moving
● Computer Performance Tune-up (SSD, memory, DNS, services, etc
● Computer Purchase Consulting
● Computer Repair
● Computer Security
● Computer Setup
● Computer Training
● Computer Upgrades
● Content Management (service, application, parental controls)
● Custom Built Computers
● Data Backups (local, remote cloud services)
● Data Conversion
● Data Destruction
● Data Encryption
● Data Leakage Prevention
● Data Migration
● Data Recovery
● Data Restoration
● Data Security
● Data Syncing (Dropbox, OneDrive, Amazon AWS, Google Drive, Apple iCloud, etc)
● Desktop/Laptop Repairs
● Desktop/Laptop Upgrades
● Desktop Standalone and Server Virtualization
● Digital Video Recording Setup
● Disaster Recovery Planning
● Domain (Active Directory) Setup
● Drive Image Cloning
● E-mail (IMAP, POP, PKI) Setup
● Encryption (Drive/Partition/File)
● Ergonomic Evaluations
● Fault Tolerance/Redundancy
● Firmware Upgrades
● Game Console (Xbox, PlayStation) Setup
● Google G-Suite (Basic, Business, Enterprise) Setup
● Hard Drive Recovery (DriveSavers Partner)
● Hardware Installation
● Hardware Upgrades
● HomePNA Network Setup
● Identity Management
● Information Security
● Internet Cafe Setup
● Internet Service Setup
● IT Consulting
● Kiosk Installation/Setup
● Laptop Repairs and Upgrades
● Linux Installation and Training
● Macintosh Setup, Repairs, and Upgrades
● Macintosh Training
● Malware Removal (adware, spyware, viruses, trojans, worms, root kits, bots, etc)
● Media Server Setup (Kodi, Plex, Serviio, etc)
● Microsoft Office (Retail, 365 Home, Personal; Business, Business Premium, Business Essentials) Setup
● Microsoft Windows Training
● Microsoft Windows Upgrades
● Modem Setup (cable modem, DSL modem, phone modem, etc)
● Multi-Boot Operating System Setup (Windows, Mac, Linux)
● Music Streaming Service Setup (Apple, Amazon, YouTube, Spotify, Google, etc
● Nanny Cam Setup
● Network Management
● Off-Site Services
● On-Site Services
● Parental Controls (content management)
● Password Management
● Password Recovery (device ownership proof required)
● Physical Security
● Power Management (UPS, etc)
● Powerline Networking Setup
● Preventive Maintenance
● Printer Sharing Setup (USB, WiFi wireless, Ethernet)
● RAID (0,1,5,6,10) Setup
● Remote Services (secure encrypted computer-to-computer)
● Remote Desktop Control Setup (Teamviewer, Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac, Google,)
● Router Setup (VPN, port forwarding, QOS, etc)
● Safe Computer Training
● Scanner Setup
● Secure Wireless (WiFi) Network Setup
● Security Policy Template Creation
● Small Office/Home Office (SoHo) Services
● Social Engineering Testing and Prevention
● Social Media Setup (Twitter, Facebook, Google +, YouTube, Pinterest, etc)
● Software Installation and Upgrades
● Software Virtualization/Sandboxing
● Solid State Drive (SSD) Migration Upgrades
● Streaming Box Setup (Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, Google Chrome cast, Apple TV
● Surveillance Camera Security Monitoring Setup
● Technical Support (hardware/software)
● Virtualization Setup (hardware and software)
● VoIP(voice over IP) Setup
● VPN, PKI, SSH (certificate key authentication) Setup
● Website Design Development (hosting, creation, SSL, maintenance, forwarding, domain, DNS, WordPress, etc)
● Wireless (Infrared, Bluetooth) Device Setup
● Wireless Network Site Surveys (WiFi, WWAN) 802.11n, 802.11ac, 802.11ad
● Wireless WiFi Router Setup (QOS, subnets, VLan, SSiD, channels, security, etc)
MUCH more... Just ask!






Don't waste your hard earned money on the latest greatest wireless WiFi router. Most newer WiFi client devices aren't able to use its features.

Tired of your slow laptop or desktop computer? Before spending money on a new computer, consider a solid state drive (SSD) migration upgrade. Hard drives are the real bottleneck in computing these days.

Is your wireless WiFi network slow? If so, it could be the modem, router, router settings, interference, or the environment the wireless network is running in. If the problem is not these, you may have too many wireless devices connected to your router (upgrade to a router with faster CPU/processor, more RAM/memory, or a 3rd band) or you need to increase or upgrade your Internet plan with your ISP (Internet service provider) to a higher tier level to meet your network bandwidth demand.

Backup, backup, backup! If you care about your pictures, videos, and very important personal and business related files, then you need to back up these files regularly. A good start is to create a backup schedule locally to another internal or external storage device, but a complete backup strategy, which includes backing up online too, is HIGHLY recommended.

Have questions about these tips and recommendations? Just ask. We are here to help you with all your technology needs.


Contact us by ☏ calling, texting, ✉ e-mailing, submitting a service request, chatting, leaving a question on our website at to schedule a service appointment today!

Everything to gain, nothing to lose.
Satisfaction Guaranteed!
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