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3D Printing Services - SLA Resin Printer - CHEAP!!!

We are Luzerco LLC, we offer printing services to companies and hobbyists alike. You can find us at or you can see a lot of our information here! Thank you for looking at our ad!

We use a FormLabs Form 2 Printer. This printer is an SLA printer that uses liquid resin to create prints. There are many types of materials that the Form 2 can use, there is a list available resins and description below. We do not stock all the resins, if you need a specific resin we could order it. The printed parts have an injection-mold looking finish, with typically a higher quality than FDM. SLA parts have sharp edges, a smooth surface finish, and minimal visible layer lines as opposed to FDM which tend to have visible layer lines and might show inaccuracies around complex features on even the most expensive industrial machines.

If you want us to print a part for you, feel free to give us a call or text at (209) 914 - 7968. Or you can shoot us an email! We respond best through email and are available 7 days a week. Send us your *.stl file and we can send you a quote. Then we will happily ship you your part.



Which Resin to Use:

Standard Resins:

- Clear: Transparency, polishes to near optical clarity, great for internal channels and working with light.

- Black: Highly pigmented, our most opaque, high detail resin. Matte surfaces, great for printing small, intricate features.

- White: Neutral and matte tone, slight translucency when thin. Works well for sanding, and provides a great base color for painting prints.

- Grey: Neutral and matte tone, great for showing off surface finish and for printing small, accurate features, photographs easily.

- Color: 16 supported colors, with opaque and matte finish. Colorful prints, without the manual work of finishing and painting.

Engineering Resins:

- Flexible: Simulates an 80A durometer rubber. Choose for impact resistance and compression, great for ergonomic soft-touch grips.

- Tough: Simulates ABS plastic. Choose for applications that will undergo high stress and strain. Great for functional prototyping of assemblies, machining, snap-fits and living hinges.

- High Temp: Has an HDT of 289 °C @ 0.45 MPa. Choose for static applications that will experience high temperatures, including mold-making processes such as thermoforming, vulcanization, and electronics encapsulation.

- Durable: Use to prototype models that will eventually be made from polypropylene (PP) or high density polyethylene (HDPE). Consider using where high elongation, deformation, and/or impact resistance are required.

- Rigid: Reinforced with glass to offer very high stiffness and a polished finish. Highly resistant to deformation over time. Great for printing thin walls and features. Not suited for parts that must bend.

- Grey Pro: Highly resistant to deformation over time. Versatile material. Suitable for concept modeling, functional prototyping, and parts intended for repeated use or handling.


- Castable: Developed for clean burn out and high detail. Choose for direct investment casting, resin is blue in color, and slightly softer than standard resins before post-curing.

Dental Resins:

- Dental SG: Designed to directly print surgical and pilot drill guides. Class 1 biocompatible resin (EN-ISO 10993-1:2009/AC:2010, USP Class VI)

- Dental Model: Highly accurate and specifically formulated for printing crown and bridge models with removable dies.

- Dental LT Clear: High resistance to fracture and wear, ideal for hard splints and retainers. Polishes to high optical transparency. Class IIa biocompatible.

Ceramic Resin:

- Ceramic: A composite, silica-filled resin. Can be fired in a kiln or furnace to create a fully ceramic piece. This experimental Form X material requires more trial and error than other Formlabs products.

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