450hp Yamaha XR1800 sport jetboat **PROJECT** - $5,000 (El cajon)

450hp Yamaha XR1800 sport jetboat **PROJECT** 1 thumbnail450hp Yamaha XR1800 sport jetboat **PROJECT** 2 thumbnail450hp Yamaha XR1800 sport jetboat **PROJECT** 3 thumbnail450hp Yamaha XR1800 sport jetboat **PROJECT** 4 thumbnail
boat type: powerboat
propulsion type: power
condition: good
engine hours (total):
length overall (LOA): 17
make / manufacturer: yamaha
model name / number: xr1800
year manufactured: 2001
Rare 2001 Yamaha XR1800 dual engine sport jetboat. *****Boat is currently NOT RUNNING******. Engines are out as they need some work. I love this thing and don't want to let it go.... but I have too many projects right now.

Basically I used this as a river, lake, and bay boat. It's very universal in those terms. The last season of running the boat I bumped the compression, tuned it pretty lean, raised the rev limiter and sent it. No sh** will out run a lot of supercharged jetskis. Tops out about 75mph with impellers that are in it. Its propped pretty short to keep its speed in turns. Smokes most v8 jetboats at the river too. thing is fun like I said. The one thing other jets don't have is this one handles incredible, feels like an f1 car. Also this particular boat is the one I sought for a while as it has a deeper v than most. Also it has a closed bow- this make a nice dry place to store stuff, a great reverb chamber for subs, and keeps the inside of the boat really dry (if you've ever been on an open bow jetboat in the harbor you know the value).

It has x2 1,200cc 2-stroke 3cylinder engines. The same engines came in the gp1200r "race" jetski. The engines stock make like 150-160hp stock. The engines the way they were setup were making about 225hp each, so 450hp total. stock is advertised at 310 or something. So for a small lite boat you can imagine it scoots pretty good.

The engines melted down on a 120deg weekend in Havasu trying to keep up with DCB's....They won on the lake but it won in the channel. People love this thing, tons of questions and thumbs ups. I ran them too lean considering the temps. If done again I would run it richer and I don't think they would have had an issue even with the higher compression. The loss of power wouldn't be too bad and if anything it would smooth out the powerband. Yes it has a 2-stroke powerband. If you want to tow skiers and tubes I'd suggest just rebuilding the engines more-less stock. It will be nearly as fun but more family friendly and reliable.

My plan was to send the cranks out to get welded, trued, and balanced. Then rebuild the engines with decent parts, rejet the carbs, and spend a good bit of time tuning so I didn't hurt the new engines. If you tune these right you can beat the snot out of them for years and not worry about them.

Race parts rebuild with crank work would be the next step- BUT- depending on how deep you want to go, you could rebuild it stock or higher compression for around $2k in parts +/- (if you shop around and utilize the 3 spare donor engines I'm including).

The engines take me a half day to install. your results may vary but its a pretty easy job. It's wide open compared to a jetski hull and there are only a few wires, cables, and hoses. If you are decently fit or have a friend you can lift in the engines by hand.

Summary of issues:
-2 engines with roasted top ends
-Trailer is pretty much trash. literally broken, will get it home and to the launch ramp one more time though.
-Hydro turf is weathering, might want to redo it
-cleans up nice but hasn't been buffed for 3 yrs. needs some love.

-High performance engines (need rebuilt)
-High flow fuel system
-custom through-hull exhaust
-5x Corbeau racing seats
-Might include 12in sub, box, and amp
-good stereo (head unit acting up tho)
-Custom IMPRO Stainless impellers and wear rings
-Custom jet pump mods
-Handful of billet parts
-Tons of odds and ends

I might find the time to do this and Im not desperate to sell it- but I figured I'd put it out there. feel free to call, text, or email with any questions.

Open to reasonable offers. Trades? car, truck, jetski, machinery?

Thank you!

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