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We have the high school dropout all pissed off [xundo]

golf partner female prefered (Oceanside) [xundo]

Word [xundo]

free [xundo]

Google's propaganda search engine distorts perceptions to control pic [xundo]

start a biz that produces or sells something the public wants ? (what the fuck does that even mean) pic [xundo]

Re: Both of my daughters graduated from college (someone has to clean the bed pans) [xundo]

Idiot Fucktard Dog Owners/Heat stroked Dogs [xundo]

re: Utopia management / mortgage you (sound like a jerk) [xundo]

Economy and just how to succeed in it. [xundo]

RE: Degree don't mean squat. Really? [xundo]

The time you spend studying prepares you for the business world (Buwahahaha) [xundo]

The back-when-I-was-15 1/2-years-old Fucktard (try that today shithead LO) [xundo]

Any good thrift stores (hill crest) [xundo]

re: Minimum Wage (Your Wallet) pic [xundo]

Any degree is better than no degree. [xundo]

Sorry, but please, no more dogs please. (Hillcrest) [xundo]

Better yourself better your wages (true to a point) [xundo]

RE: Saved $400 a month pic [xundo]

In SD this weekend - need advice on good thrift/used stores (clothes, books, electronics) [xundo]

The TRUMP card is being played, And America will prosper. (Get real of go broke!) pic [xundo]

re history always repeats (Escondido) [xundo]

The thought police are scrubbing the internet of all bad information. [xundo]

Greedy to keep money you earned, but not greedy to take someone elses? [xundo]

Fukashima radiation, you believe what you want to (On the cover of SURFER MAGAZINE.) [xundo]

Its just math on a larger scale. (just remove 8 zeros) pic [xundo]

Better your skills = BUWAHAHAHAHAHA! (college fucktard) pic [xundo]


re: RELOCATING to an ♥adults & families, too!♥ Finest...????!? (vigilant camel towing co.) pic [xundo]

How about ... [xundo]

Better your skills for a higher wage. [xundo]

I lived frugally for 20 years (not likely) [xundo]

RE: Obama flim flam vote for Hillary lol. [xundo]

Political posts to discourage Democrats [xundo]