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Sep 20 Some girls are skinny and some are just fat (San Diego, idiots!)

Sep 19 Dispisable brown skin

Sep 19 why is brown so dispisede (it stinks)

34 Sep 19 Is it so wrong??? 34 pic

65 Sep 19 Thanks to our returning Vets 65 (east san diego)

68 Sep 19 Minimum Wage 68 (SD)

Sep 19 sonic commercial (jamul)

14 Sep 19 You Tony Stewart Geniuses 14 (Stateville )

65 Sep 19 RE: big truck 65 (college grove)

43 Sep 19 RE: Pentagon Spending Unchecked 43 (You're an Idiot)

21 Sep 19 Tony Stewart going to be a CONVICT! Grand Jury! 21 (MURDERER) pic

Sep 19 It's trendy to flag the couples on casual encounters (it's fun)

Sep 19 Prayer to the Holy Spirt

Sep 19 you can't handle the truth

666 Sep 19 We shall expose them to the Fire 666 (quran 4:56)

Sep 19 Is it only on SD CL?

Sep 19 RE: River Rat's wife's panties

Sep 19 re: From $15.00 an Hour to: $0.00 in 3, 2, 1, GONE (sd) pic

Sep 19 re:RE: Deadbeat - 40 (anywhere) (worst of mankind)

Sep 19 Broke dick has no clue where money comes from, hence his lack of funds (Your an idiot) pic

Sep 19 Dead beat (Ca and marines)

Sep 19 We will give you your "living wage" so you feel good then raise prices (stupid=broke. its math) pic

Sep 19 Pentagon spending unchecked and fudged when audited. pic

Sep 19 California trying to pass law making gps in cars mandatory by 2016 (No way Jose'.)

Sep 19 Obama monument opens!!! pic

Sep 19 Keep your eyes on whats important. (Propoganda machine is turned on high.) pic

Sep 19 From $15 an hour to zero (bad timing)

40 Sep 19 RE: Deadbeat 40 (anywhere)

5 Sep 19 From $15.00 an Hour to: $0.00 in 3, 2, 1, GONE ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 5 (Comming Soon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) pic


Sep 19 RE: WOMAN STOP GETTING TATTOOS (dont worry about it)


Sep 19 Raising minimum wage will only raise prices across the board pic

50 Sep 19 SDG&E SCAM They call and tell you they have a shut off 50 (san diego) pic

Sep 19 Welfare is not a form of greed? (really?)

Sep 19 Yet another schmuck emailed me (interesting)

Sep 19 Obama's arming the Syrians, our next AlQueda.

Sep 19 hipsters, jobless surfers and basic welfare recipients

Sep 19 FRIDAY!!! ITS PAYDAY if your not a loser. pic

Sep 19 Democrats put out the word AMNESTY, wonder why the floodgates opened. (DUH, think about it you dumbasses) pic

Sep 19 A lesson on fiscal responsability. Live it and learn. pic

Sep 19 We spend hundreds of billions dealing with the problems. (Fixing it dont pay$$$) pic

Sep 19 Vote for Hillary, What does it matter? (More will die for their power struggle) pic

Sep 19 Businesses leaving the USA to save on huge tax burden. (.Gov needs to change b4 its 2 late) pic

Sep 19 The national debt explained in simple terms (Tipping point is coming) pic

Sep 19 Gun control is as worthless as drug laws, Cant stop criminals . (Bring your stick to the gunfight. LOL!) pic

Sep 19 What do girls see in these freaking losers pic

Sep 19 Are you really that fucken stupid? pic

Sep 19 Every scandal started as a conspiracy theory pic

Sep 19 E- Whats With The Landlords ? (WHAT ? )

Sep 19 What's with landlords not renting to Homeless Veterans?

Sep 19 Word

Sep 19 Relocating from Flash-Floods Zona (re: Best City???????) (sugar mountain caliphate)

Sep 18 The poor "rising up" (USA)

Sep 18 The broke rich fuck still thinks he's on top of the world LMAO! (bottom feeder POS) pic

Sep 18 You all win I'm gone (Sm)

35 Sep 18 Justice 35 (East Dago)

Sep 18 What's with landlords not renting to Homeless Veterans? (San Diego)

Sep 18 Prayer to the Holy Spirt

35 Sep 18 Opinions on inflatable SUPS? 35 (San Diego )

Sep 18 This is funny... (Craiglist entertainment)

50 Sep 18 Coining it 50 (SD County)

Sep 18 Exploiting the Unemployed (cyberspace)

Sep 18 Toilet to Tap (Yummy)

Sep 18 Woe unto those that desire Judgement Day (anywhere)

Sep 18 Assumptions made about me (all wrong)

Sep 18 Poor rising up (the truth hurts)

51 Sep 18 Pastor Barry Fitzgerald of East Valley Christian Fellowship (El Cajon) 51 (east county) pic

36 Sep 18 Everyone looking for Mr/Mrs Perfect! 36 (South San Diego)

Sep 18 Deerhorn Derriere (Deerhorn Valley) pic

Sep 18 RE: the poor rising up

Sep 18 Anything is better than nothin' pic


Sep 18 Anthony Olsen (yeah right)

Sep 18 RE: Why is it so difficult? (SD)

Sep 18 Golf Courses & Water (most of the )

Sep 18 Word

Sep 18 Avoid QUALITY NISSAN in (Temecula) pic

Sep 18 Why is it so difficult? (SD)

Sep 18 re: Anthony

Sep 17 Effluent, that's the Bait (16th Hole)

Sep 17 Anthony Olsen, can I call them or what?

Sep 17 tony stewart

35 Sep 17 Know Thyself, Man Amongst Men 35 pic

Sep 17 re: It's trendy to flag the couples on casual encounters (it's fun) pic

Sep 17 Contractor who pays more (choice vs. decree)

Sep 17 RE: Water SHortage and Golf Courses

Sep 17 RE: Tony Stewart

Sep 17 san diego county gang stalkers pic

61 Sep 17 Mr. Generous General Contractor 61 (rancho san diego)

Sep 17 re: It's trendy... (Loser!!)

Sep 17 Lack of Inexpensive Exterior Car Washes

Sep 17 're:Question for the anti business guy

Sep 17 RE: Raising minimum wage will only raise prices across the board (SD)

Sep 17 Questions for anti business guy (hmmm)

Sep 17 Tony Stewart a murderer (Grand Jury!!)

Sep 17 re min. wage petition.

Sep 17 lets see Charger tits

Sep 17 RE; wasting water, a lot of water (wrong you are) pic

Sep 17 re: "I own a consulting firm we don't advertise, just word of mouth" (DC)

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