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The Bread Winner pic

flagging pic

Double Standard

Good Bye Grandpa

26 Massage Therapy 26 (San Diego)

The Bread Winner pic

RE: flag pic


Last I checked I live in the United States of America....not mexico (san diego)

The Bread winner pic

flag pic

Looking for Master to J/Off to Wife pics (oceanside)

Guys on welfare get all the hot chicks pic

60 Fucking kids 60 (SD county)

Deerhorn Derriere (Deerhorn Valley) pic

Xmas Gifts pic

la la la la la

Titty Thursday (Deerhorn Valley) pic

30 DRUNK..DRUNK..DRUNK!! 30 (downtown) pic

99 In a coma? 99 (Vista)

merry christmas & a happy new year to your new life (palm ave) pic

Look what i got for Christmas... pic

€¥* (Vista) pic

50 Numbers From 2014 That Sound Fake But That Are Actually Real (Merry Christmas!)

anyone here tired of this pic

who here

Whats is it with the rich stealing from the poor. Are you that stupid?

54 RAVE: Father Joe's Christmas Dinner! 54 (Everything-ville!) pic

Welfare is the new unemployment, the rich will pay for years to come (best job security)

re: Whats dissapearing in America is pride (fuck your worthless pride)

Re: Why?

Riddle joke for the stiff ribbs.... (San Diego)

RERERERE- SDPD OFFICER DOWNTOWN (Between E & Broadway on 10th )

Christmas wish list (cali) pic

21 Ray Koltas kiddie porn 21

Less guns dont equal less crime, Look south dumbass. (Its right there in front of you.) pic

Whats dissapearing in America is pride. (Worthless is the hip thing, LOL!)


This is for a SDPD officer Downtown today (10th between Broadway and )

99 Does anyone know this cunt? 99 (Point Loma) pic


Update: HDTV Reception pic

Why do they call themselves Carmel Valley?

Some things seem questionable..... (SD)

re: people who worked hard all year spending their $$ (buwhahaha)

Did U.S. Shoot Down Malaysia flight MH370? (Here) pic

Seems like Christmas sure brings out the worst in the broke people

Re re: No real men left.

It took him 20 years and a lot of dick sucking (BS American dream)

80 FYI: We live in Economic-tyranny, -our Creators intended we prosper.! 80 (-everywhere) pic

No real men left :/ (San diego)

re: homeless for the holidays (death at 50-ville)

Obama Increases Allowed Radiation Level in Drinking Water ... ("Dramatically"....Thanks, Mr. Prez!)

It took him 20 years but he did it instead of complaining.

San Diego Chat Rooms

33 Are you a captive of the Moloch mind? 33

Where does the line get drawn?

It took Mr Shithead Dildo 20 years to save his pennies (and work his ass off to pay me LOL) pic

Hey San Diego's favorite son and 'Nam Vet..was mentioned in LA R&R

RE: Want a job or a welfare check

101 Rev. Al Sharpton 101 (San diego)

READ (San diego)

RE Welfare + hobby money = good living pic

Hard work don't work no more, it never did (success is overrated)

25 Bots... Who else hates them 25 (EVERYWHERE) pic

re: RELOCATING to the Southland -- re: Liveable Neighborhoods??? (lurid behavior rehab)

Hard work wont pay off when you dont work hard.

Dumb rich fuck still doesn't get it, welfare isn't being broke (it's a side job)

Want a job or a welfare check pic

Rental property owners work, and invest. (Your a loser!)

A lesson on fiscal responsability. Live it and learn.

Cheap way to fight the war in the Middle East (Send in the clowns) pic

Poor vs Rich, you would if you could.

RE: Men over 30 and Teen Porn

Re; hard work does not pay off (wake up) (here)

hard work does not pay off (wake up)

THUG is a loaded term (the world )

Men over 30 and Teen Porn

RANT: The stupid welfare class. (Living Large) pic

Well if it isnt dirty Dan AKA Big "D" again (My In Box )

RE: Rich vs Poor

On being rich pic

51 Pastor Barry Fitzgerald of East Valley Christian Fellowship (El Cajon) 51 (east county) pic

49 Homeless for the Holidays 49 (Carlsbad)

How I would like to be buried when I die... (sd) pic

Solitude (San Diego)

Whores pic

10 cents a bag LOL. I got this...

WTF are you talking about? Illegals drain our system heavilly! pic

Re: Poor vs Rich

58 Knee replacement 58 (Vista) pic

Don't Start Your Week Without God


el cajon has to many arabs


65 RE-Need A Room Posted on December 16th 65 (Paragraph on Rental Manager )

mattress that smells like death (across st from 3710 wabsh by dumpsters)

23 For the Love of Apartment Hunting, POST YOUR LISTING CORRECTLY 23 (San Diego)

craiglist allows sex hook ups-post here (rant&raves)

Good game San Diego! (El Paso)

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