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$95 Sprenger KK Ultra Vienna Bit 5 1/4" $95 (El Cajon) pic map

$21 *ALPO* Prime Cuts 47 # dry dog food $21 (Fallbrook) pic map

$1100 16" Circle Y Show/Equitation Saddle w/silver, full qtr tree $1100 (El Cajon) pic map

$279 Big Horn Western Saddle 15" $279 (El Cajon) pic map

$69 Western Bridle Rawhide/Silver Trim, Black Leather $69 (el cajon) pic map

$275 All leather, pony size complete driving harness $275 (el cajon) pic map

$360 14 1/2" Three Bars Roping Saddle $360 (El Cajon) pic map

$629 American Saddlery "Akide" Arabian Saddle $629 (El Cajon) pic map

$999 Nat'l Bridle Tennessean Supreme 17 1/2" Gaited saddle, black $999 (El Cajon) pic map

$2 NATIVE PLANTS GALLONS $2 (Temecula) map

$1450 OCEAN CONTAINERS/USED/10' to 45FT► WE DELIVER◄ $1450 (WE DELIVER) pic map




Fishtail (Caryota) Palms - For Sale (**Delivery Available**) pic map

$27 *NEW* Large Garden Oval Shaped Planters At Daves Wholesale Only $27.00 $27 (Chula Vista) pic map

$1 Save on Water and Lawn Care with Synthetic Grass!! $1 (SanDiego synthetic grass artificial turf) pic map

$25 *PALM TREES*EXOTIC PLANTS*TROPICALS* For Sale $25 (Delivery Available) pic map

$149 *Ez Garden Depot* Grow Tent 2x4 $149 (el cajon) pic map

$125 Picnic Tables classic style $125 (San Diego) pic


$14 *Ez Garden Depot* Happy Frog Potting Soil $14 (el cajon) pic map

$25 Plastic Barrels 55g Closed Top Food Grade USE AS AN AQUAPONICS SYSTEM $25 (San Deigo) pic map

$135 Wine Barrels for Sale $135 (San Diego) pic map

$25 Plastic Barrels 55g Closed Top Used Food Grade USE AS HORSE FEEDERS!!! $25 (San Deigo) pic map

$260 Zen Buddha Fountain $260 (Rancho Cucamonga) pic map

$350 *Ez Garden Depot* 1000w Set up $350 (el cajon) pic map

$99 *EZ Garden Depot* Oracle 600W Ballast $99 (el cajon) pic map

$20 *Ez Garden Depot* GrowStone Super Aerator $20 (el cajon) pic map

$14 *Ez Garden Depot* Ocean Forest Potting Soil $14 (el cajon) pic map

██ Sabal Mauritiiformis Palms (Bay Palmetto) (Carlsbad, N. Co. SD) pic

██ Dypsis Carlsmithii Palms *RARE* (Carlsbad, N. Co. SD) pic map

██ Black TrunKing Kong Fish Tail palms (Caryota Gigas) (Carlsbad, SD) pic

$185 Adirondack style patio set $185 (San Diego) pic

$995 Pergolas, Patios, Carports, Fence $995 (San Diego) pic

$1 overstock inventory sale 20-50% off $1 (ENCINITAS HYDROPONICS) pic map

$1 Artificial Turf Supplier - Best Value for Synthetic Grass & Supplies $1 (SanDiego synthetic grass artificial turf) pic map

$1 2 Color Fescue Synthetic Grass - Field Turf that Looks Like Premium! $1 (SanDiego synthetic grass field turf) pic

$6699 ♥ 2014 Pace American 8.5 x 20 Journey $6699 (BIGTEX TRAILER) pic map

$2789 ○Aluma UT10 Single Axle Aluminum ATV Trailer $2789 (BIGTEX TRAILER) pic map

$30 Medicine for Donation! $30 pic map

██ GIANT BULGING DOUBLE BOTTLE PALMS on sale, U gotta c this! (Carlsbad, SD) pic

██ Umbrella Palms *RARE* (Carlsbad, N. Co. SD) pic

██ *RARE* DYPSIS PRESTONIANA PALMS (Carlsbad, N. Co. SD) pic map

██ Amazing travelers palms (Ravenala Madagascariensis) 9' tall (Carlsbad, Ca) pic

██ GEORGEOUS Butterfly / Golden cane PALMS ON SALE, 6' TALL (Carlsbad, SD) pic

██ RARE Dypsis Onilahensis palms (Carlsbad, San Diego!!!!) pic

██ BAMBOO PALMS "Chamaedorea Seifrizii" big 5'gals (Carlsbad, SD!) pic

██ HUGE LIST of RARE cold hardy palms, now ON SALE! (Carlsbad, SD) pic

██ RARE, Dypsis Decipiens palms, u gotta c this (Carlsbad, SD..) pic

██ Purple king palms (Triples, doubles & singles) u gotta c th (Carlsbad, N. Co. SD) pic

██ Cyphophoenix Nucele Palms (Lifou Palm) RARE (Carlsbad, San Diego) pic

██ HUGE Foxtail Palms ON SALE, BIG SELECTION (carlsbad, SD!!) pic

██ Parlor palms (looks like mini coconut palms) *RARE* (Carlsbad, N. Co. SD) pic

██ RARE Archontophoenix Beatrice Palms, HUGE 15 Gal triples (Carlsbad, SD) pic

██ Ravenea rivularis Palms (Majesty Palm) ON SALE 5-6' Tall (Carlsbad, SD) pic

██ Becarriophoenix Fenestralis Palms (Windowpane Palm) *RARE* (carlsbad) pic map

██ "Feather Palms" (Dypsis Saintelucei) *RARE* (Carlsbad, N. Co. SD) pic map

██ Icy blue Brahea Clara HYBRID palms, u gotta c this!! Very rare!! (Carlsbad) pic

██ RARE Coconut look-a-like palms (Beccariophoenix Madagascariensis) (Carlsbad) pic map

██ **RARE** Parajubea Sunkha palms On sale (carlsbad) pic

██ Sea shore palmS (Allagoptera Arenaria) ON SALE (Carlsbad, SD) pic

██ Dypsis Baronii Palms "Sugar Cane Palm Tree" ON SALE (Carlsbad, San Diego!) pic

██ Polyandrococos Caudescens palms ("Buri Palms") ON SALE (Carlsbad, San Diego) pic

██ Dypsis Albafarinosa Palms *RARE* (carlsbad) pic map

$35 ██ Dypsis Carlsmithii Palms (AKA Stumpy palm) 10' tall ON SALE $35 (Carlsbad, No. Co. SD) pic

██ RARE EXOTIC INDOOR PALMS, Make your home or office feel tropical (Carlsbad, SA) pic

██ CAT PALM PALMS (Chamaedorea Cataractarum) 4' TALL ON SALE (Carlsbad, San Diego) pic

$1 overstock inventory sale 20-50% off $1 (ENCINITAS HYDROPONICS) map

██ "Yellow flamethrower palms" ON SALE (Carlsbad, SD) pic

██ TRIANGLE PALMS, "Dypsis Decaryi" 9-10'Tall ON SALE (Carlsbad, SD) pic

██ Dypsis Plumosa Palms (Fine leaf palm)14'tall (Carlsbad, San Diego) pic

██ Teddy Bear palms (Dypsis Leptocheilos) RARE** (Carlsbad, SD) pic

██ Coccothrinax Mireguama palms (Mireguama Palms) HUGE 5 gals (Carlsbad, SD) pic

██ Ravenea rivularis Palms (Majesty Palm) ON SALE 5-6' Tall (Carlsbad, SD) pic

██ BEAUTIFULL Bismarckia Nobilis palm trees ON SALE (Carlsbad, SD) pic

██ Rare and unique DYPSIS PALMS, many species to choose from (Carlsbad, San Diego) pic

██ King Kong Fish Tail palms (Caryota Gigas palms) 15 gals (Carlsbad, SD) pic

██ Licuala Peltata palms RARE (Carlsbad, SD) pic

██ RARE Cyphophoenix Palms, 5-15 gal's available (Carlsbad, SD) pic

██ Dypsis Pembana palms (Pemba Island Palm) ON SALE (Carlsbad, SD) pic

██ "The world famous Flamethrower palms (Chambeyronia Macroca (Carlsbad, SD) pic

██ OVERGROWN Kentia palms on sale, 10-12' tall (Carlsbad, SD) pic

██ Dypsis Ambositrae palm tree "RARE" 15gal's 6' tall, trunking (Carlsbad, San Diego) pic

██ Shaving Brush Palms (Rhopalostylis Sapida) BIG 15 Gal's (Carlsbad, SD) pic

██ The perfect indoor palm (Chamaedorea Hooperiana) 5 Gals 7' tall (Carlsbad, SD) pic

██ RARE Acai super fruit Palms (Euterpe Edulis) On Sale (Carlsbad, SD) pic

██ Beccariophoenix Madagascariensis Palms, VERY RARE (Carlsbad, N. Co. SD) pic

██ Buccaneer palms (Pseudophoenix Sargentii) ON SALE (Carlsbad, San Diego) pic

██ Dypsis lanceolata palms, AKA "Ivovowo Palm" ON SALE (Carlsbad, SD) pic

██ Australian Fan Palms (Licuala Ramsayi) RARE (Carlsbad, San Diego) pic

██ Miraguama Palms (Kentiopsis Oliviformis) ON SALE (Carlsbad, SD) pic

██ Archontophoenix maxima palms, HUGE OVERGROWN 15 gal triples (Carlsbad, SD) pic

██ "Yellow flamethrower palms" ON SALE (Carlsbad, SD) pic

██ Licuala palms, ON SALE (Carlsbad, N. Co. SD) pic

██ GIANT 25 Gal Sugar Cane palms (Dypsis Baronii) 7' tall, STUNNING (carlsbad, SD) pic

██ RARE BLUE JUBEA CHILENSIS Palms (Jubea X Butia cross) AMAZING!!!! (Carlsbad, SD) pic

██ Bolivian Mountain Coconut Palms (Parajubaea Torallyi) RARE (Carlsbad, SD) pic

██ Pinanga Coronata Palms (Ivory cane palms) ON SALE (Carlsbad, SD) pic

██ Orange Crush Palm Tree (Dypsis Pilulifera) you gotta see this! (carlsbad) pic

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displaying ... of 1322 postings<<201 - 300 of 1322